Wal-Mart, Stop Selling High Capacity Ammo Now
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Wal-Mart, Stop Selling High Capacity Ammo Now

    1. Cynthia McGarvie
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      Cynthia McGarvie

      Salinas, CA

We are all aware of the tragic and violent events that took place on January 8, 2011 in Tuscon, AZ.  Not everyone is aware that the gunman, Jared Lee Loughner, bought his ammo at a local Wal-Mart.  Even though he was turned away at one Wal-Mart location, he simply went to a second Wal-Mart store in the same town where he was successful in his lethal purchase.  Wal-Mart refuses to comment, but we will never forget this fact.

There is no reason why any Wal-Mart should be selling 30-round ammo clips anywhere in the United States.  Had Loughner only been able to purchase 10-round clips, his attacks would not have resulted in as many victims.  The problem is that there is no honest reason why a Wal-Mart should sell the type of ammunition that will result in mass-killing sprees.  There is only one reason why Wal-Mart sells high capacity ammo: money.

Therefore, we the undersigned demand Wal-Mart to put profit aside for the sake of public safety and completely discontinue the sale of high-capacity ammo clips for semi-automatic weapons in all stores nationwide.  For the sake of our citizens who may end up being the victims of the next gun massacre, please do this one thing in order to limit the ability for violent offenders to cause the worst sort of collateral damage. 

To be clear, this petition is not to ban all ammo sales--as noble a thing as that would be, it would simply be impossible to accomplish.  It is simply to demand that Wal-Mart discontinue high-capacity ammo clips.

We also pledge to refuse to spend our money at Wal-Mart stores and on WalMart.com until they change this policy.

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      • over 3 years ago

      I don't think Walmart sells handgun magazines. At least I've never seen them in a store...

      I'm not sure what "high capacity ammo" is, but they probably don't sell that either.

      • over 3 years ago

      I demand that someone else take responsibility for my safety - even though the government has been exempt in that regard since South v. Maryland in 1855.

      And just think - what would have happened if a magazine ban was in place? Good thing someone like Loughner would never think of, oh, say, buying three pistols and simply dropping the pistol when it was empty.

      I'm so glad that enacting a law like this will have such a positive impact - just like prohibition in the 20's, and the gun bans in place today that a have made gun crimes a thing of the past.


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