Vote YES for a GE/GMO Free BC at the UBCM September 2013 Convention

Vote YES for a GE/GMO Free BC at the UBCM September 2013 Convention

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      GE Free BC

January 2014


Thank you for supporting our efforts towards a GE Free BC. BC is one step closer to banning GE crops, thanks to grassroots community action! At the Union of BC Municipalities Convention last week, municipally elected officials voted in favour of a resolution which encourages the BC government to “legislate the prohibition of importing, exporting and growing plants and seeds containing genetically engineered DNA, and raising GE animals within BC, and to declare through legislation that the province of BC is a GE Free area in respect to all plant and animal species.”

Serious concern has been expressed across British Columbia about the introduction of genetically engineered crops and animals. Thousands of citizens rallied around this initiative, urging their municipally elected officials to vote YES for a GE Free BC. In fact, over 7,000 petition signatures were collected, hundreds of emails were sent, and many phone calls were made. Members of the public, community organizations, and elected officials have shown that the importance of health and of our environment should take precedence over profit.

We have come so far, but our work is not yet done. Let's continue to urge the provincial government to listen to the people of BC and the members of the UBCM, and implement legislation that would prohibit genetically engineered plants, seeds, and animals.

Genetically engineered (GE) foods or genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) are approved for human consumption based on company-produced science. The data is secret and is not peer-reviewed by independent scientists. Health Canada does not do its own testing.

There is no mandatory labeling in Canada, and no tracking or monitoring of possible health impacts. The Canadian government does not keep statistics on where or how much genetically modified food is grown.

All BC municipalities get together once a year and this year their Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention will be from the 16th-20th September in Vancouver.

Metchosin, which is a GE Free zone, is putting forward a resolution at the Convention asking for all BC municipalities to support banning GE crops and animals. Here is the resolution:

“that UBCM ask the British Columbia government to legislate the prohibition of importing, exporting and growing plants and seeds containing genetically engineered DNA, and raising GE animals within BC, and to declare, through legislation, that BC is a GE Free area in respect to all plant and animal species."

May I recommend three important sources of information on GE crops and animals? The first is GMO Myths and Truths, a synthesis of 600 scientific studies carried out by three geneticists, and published in 2012:

The second is a TED Talk given by geneticist Dr. Thierry Vrain, who formerly worked as a Federal spokesperson for GE crops but, after analysis of recent studies, is seriously concerned about their health and environmental impact, which can be found at:

The third is an expert panel report prepared by the Royal Society of Canada; requested by Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Environment Canada, on the future of Food Biotechnology. The report stresses the need for precaution and conducting rigorous and independent testing of GMOs for health and environmental effects before they are to be approved. These recommendations are not being followed:

Please see the letter below for more information why we need to urge our municipal councils to vote YES for a GE Free BC at their AGM in September.

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    1. Reached 5,000 signatures
    2. Our kids are our future

      Rachel Plant, 14 yrs. old and now a 7 yr old, Alicia Serratos. Are you listening, adults, the ones with the votes? Please sign and share this petition.

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    4. Here's a list of 400+ non-GMO brands we can support.

      Courtesy of the Non-GMO Project, here is a list of companies who make many or even the majority of all their products without GMOs:

      400+ Companies who Aren't Using GMOs in their Products

      If you want to keep eating poison food, you can join the 'scientists' who keep spewing Monsanto-funded lies. They are telling us that genetically altered crops are good for us and the environment - that they are, in fact, a necessity to feed the world population.

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    6. Petition Live for One Evening
      This song was written by an American. But GMOs are globa! We've gained almost 50 signatures already...a great start! Next step? We can write, phone or meet with our councillors to tell them how we feel about genetically engineered food. And share the petition. Thank you everyone for speaking ou!

      "We Don't Want Your GMOs" by Barclay Neumann

      If you don't know what a GMO is, look it up. We have a RIGHT TO KNOW what is in our food. Yes on Prop 37 in California GMOs are a hot topic in the US and the world. At Pilgrim's Market, we encourage everyone to research the health and environmental risks associated with GMOs.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Daniel Werner SASKATOON, CANADA
      • 9 months ago

      Lets follow in Hungary and Icelands

      Footsteps, and get our banks and money back under government control, instead of the other way around. Thanks

    • David Hayes SOMONAUK, IL
      • 9 months ago

      There needs to be mandatory labeling in every country.

    • Sharon Spencer STETTLER, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      I like to know that I'm eating healthy food and it frustrates me that the government allows gmo:s

    • niels petersen NELSON, BC, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      Genetic engineering (GE) and genetic modification (GM) artificially forces the genes from the DNA or one plant or animal into another. This doesn't happne in nature. I'm concerned about scientific studies on animals fed GE/GM crops, which indicate serious health risks, including allergies, birth defects, infertility, tumours, gastric diseases and autoimmune disorders. We are unwilling participants in a massive science experiment. No thanks!

    • Jessica DeVries KAMLOOPS, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      I want to know what I am eating, I have a right to know what is in the food I buy.


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