VOTE TO PROMOTE Disc Golf  - 18 or 9 holes   - THAT IS THE QUESTION
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Bay City State Recreation Area, Bay City MI
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VOTE TO PROMOTE Disc Golf - 18 or 9 holes - THAT IS THE QUESTION

    1. craig prime
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      craig prime

      bay city, MI

PLEASE STOP the plans to investigate/build the 9 hole disc golf course at BCSRA .  2011 saw many new or greatly improved professional and competitive level disc golf courses within Michigan. Building nothing more than a simple 9 hole course on the Bay City State Recreation Area property would inevitably result in lack of interest or attendance and the eventual closing or redesigning into an 18 hole course. The 2011 plan for an 18 or 27 hole course, along with the plan for a 9 hole youth or putting course within close proximity of the new spray park and existing campgrounds would not only offer all skill level players an option but would also separate the serious player from the newest of beginners while bringing an estimated 2000 - 3000 additional visitors to Bay City State Recreation Area within the first year of completion.

and why I am most frustrated - Could December have been any better for disc golf in Michigan ? IT MAY HAVE BEEN  ! 2011 year in review - my biggest accomplishment was concluding 4 years of disc golf course designing at Bay City State Recreation Area by writing and receiving an $8000.00 grant. With this $8000.00 added to the additional $4000.00 in cash and pledges, the course could be well under construction by July and somewhat playable by October. The biggest disappointment of the year came from hearing that after 4 years of planning 18 holes on 12 acres of the 300 acres available for recreational day use at BCSRA, the design " didn't effectively consider the wetlands and natural inhabitants to the degree necessary for such environmentally important and sensitive land ". Upon the insistance of those paid stewards of our state lands, all of the funds were given back and the four year project for an 18 hole course has essentially been scraped. Disc golfers are not to be discouraged though, in 2013 the BCSRA has committed to explore the possibility for suitable land to accommodate an 9 hole DGC. 

Disc golfers also have great reason for excitement by learning that Bay County has received a large grant to purchase the Prindle property that was formerly home of the 18 hole Blizzard Hills course. It has been suggested that the intentions of the county is to expand camping and green offerings for the Pinconning Park. After making a few phone calls, I've learned that again the land necessary to redesign and install the 18 hole course is "extremely environmentally important and sensitive to the point that cutting ANY trees or making ANY additional trails will probably not be an option" under the some conditions of the grant. The good news is that I was also told "we will at least consider installing an 9 hole DGC.


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    2. please share - Promote the petition - Watch Disc Golf live stream

      craig prime
      Petition Organizer

      Many of you know that the 18 hole course in Bay City, MI. was put on hold due to concerns with the environmental impact of a course that size on the 200 plus acres designated for light day use that is available at Bay City State Recreation Area and essentially, remains unused. Concerns were also mentioned regarding the unique group of players that disc golf courses bring, the chance of participants playing in and around established walkways and roadways, litter resulting in having an established course and much more. PLEASE share this petition or at a minimum, share the links with anyone that may be hesitant to see a disc golf course built on any unused lands. Anyone watching will see the economical benefit resulting from the course in Arizona that is home to the Discraft Memorial and also the professional and extremely talented field of the unique disc crowd brings to the event.
      check daily field standings at the PDGA website

    3. GREAT - 80 signatures - GREATER - 100 more by Friday

      craig prime
      Petition Organizer

      The Michigan State Park system is adding disc golf courses to the parks and how great is that ? But in Bay County the idea persists that the 9 hole course is the answer both at Bay City State Recreation Area and the former Blizzard Hills course. Acreage is not the problem, funding is not the problem, enthusiasm from the surrounding community is not the problem, so what is the problem ? If all of you supporters could post comments, questions or ideas or offers to help, we will end up disc golfing along the Saginaw Bay. Please sign and share.

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      craig prime
      Petition Organizer

      There are many great responses, thanks to all. Keep informed on any updates about future design and funding for disc golf at Bay City State Recreation Area by following the link bellow to the facebook page Friends of Disc Golf at Bay City State Recreation Area or visit the park when you're in the area and take a walk around the beautiful areas offered.

    6. 30 Signatures added with the list growing rapidly.

      craig prime
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to all that have signed early and especially for those fine comments.With just a little effort, we were able to get 10 signatures each day since the petition started and Someone is listening ! so if all that have signed would just try their best to get 2 or 3 others to sign, the ball will be rolling. Thanks

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    Reasons for signing

    • Jeff Coates MIDLAND, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Very good location to have a course. Being along 75 makes it playable for people driving up and down the state.

    • Beth Bender JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I spend my summers there and would l;one to have this

    • stephen masten ANN ARBOR, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      when traveling up/down state, i like to play disc golf.

    • Aaron Beauchamp BAY CITY, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      18 holes just makes more sense. People won't make the drive for 9 holes if they're out of town.

    • Anthony Voss YPSILANTI, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      Why settle for 9 holes when you could have an 18 - 27 hole course? The better course you build, the more people will come to play it. Disc golfers will travel vast distances just to check out new courses, and if it is built well enough, word of mouth spreads like wildfire and more people will come to play it. If you want to get more people to come to your park, you have to give them a good reason, and a 9 hole course is nothing special, but a well designed course with a full 18 - 27 holes.... THAT'S something worth traveling for!


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