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Vote No! to raising the cap on charter schools

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      Class Size Matters

A new bill was introduced in the State Senate on Friday, April 30.  This bill would raise the charter school cap to 460; more than doubling the number, without allowing audits by the state comptroller, without charters being required to post their charter and by-laws online, without giving voice to parents on co-locations, without barring profit-making enterprises from making money off operating charter schools and without requiring charters to provide special education services for students at their charter school.

This is an open invitation to abuse and fraud and to further overcrowding of our public school system.

Without more rigorous protections of the rights of all parents, students, and taxpayers, financial corruption and abuse of power will continue to flourish, and the education of our NYC children will suffer grievously as a result.

Please sign our petition below urging the state legislature to Vote No on bill number S7678/A10928.

Thank you for your support.

Class Size Matters & NY Charter Parents Association

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    • Susa Rogalski EARL, NC
      • over 3 years ago

      Teaching has become a beleaguered and demorilized profession. Public schools must serve all children regardless of socio-economic background and behavior issues. Do not take precious resources from the schools that are needed to help and to teach ALL children.


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