Vote NO to a Use Variance for a Solar Power Plant on Country Club and Meadow Road
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Vote NO to a Use Variance for a Solar Power Plant on Country Club and Meadow Road

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      Bedminster, NJ

This petition exists to voice opposition to a proposed ground-mounted, industrial scale solar power plant at the Kirby Farm on Country Club and Meadow Road in Bedminster Township, NJ.

The proposed industrial development is enormous:  A 55 acre,  49,000 panel solar project that will irreparably harm the area's natural resources and destroy the community's rural character in order to supply electricity to a single-user, the Sanofi-Aventis complex located in Bridgewater Township.

The project proposes 8 foot high solar arrays, access roads, concrete pads and multiple 10 and 20-ton Inverter Power Stations surrounded by a 7 foot high chain link fence.

The 100+ acre farmland is bordered by wooded areas, meadows, freshwater wetlands, streams, protected species and residences. An underlying premise driving the Bedminster Master Plan is to prevent exploitation of our arable farmland and pastoral landscape. A key tool used in this goal is the denial of construction of infrastructure which would support such exploitation.

For health, safety, environmental, economic, aesthetic, and other reasons, we vigorously oppose the construction of an industrial scale solar power plant at the Kirby Farm in Bedminster Township.

Bedminster Township Land Use Board
Vote NO to a Use Variance for the proposed solar power plant at the Kirby Farm on Country Club and Meadow Road in Bedminster.

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    • John Samtak BEDMINSTER, NJ
      • 21 days ago

      I am worried about the loss of open space and the harm it will do to our Township's Master Plan. We fought a long and costly battle in the courts to defend our current zoning. KDC and Sanofi want to destroy the Master Plan and open up the land to develop an industrial sized solar power plant. If KDC wins, who's to say other areas of the town couldn't be open up to large solar arrays. The next conquest by KDC could be township property near the Pfizer campus in Gladstone.

    • Jacquelynn Cacciatore BRIDGEWATER, NJ
      • 3 months ago

      i have a 7 month old and i live off of meadow road with my family...

    • Beth Lehr SANTA ROSA, CA
      • 4 months ago

      This rural area should be kept intact and not subjected to development. Sanofi's headquarters are in Bridgewater and thus should look to existing property to build a solar farm. It is not fair to residents of Bedminster to transform this area when the longevity of Sanofi's commitment to remain in Bridgewater is not clear. We must stop corporations from developing land and seek other options for their needs?

    • Cameron Daggett MENDHAM, NJ
      • 4 months ago

      I think it is outrageous that a company with more than enough land covered by parking lots would even think of using open farm land for this purpose, why can they build their solar farm over the parking lots?????

    • Geraldine Bruce BRIDGEWATER, NJ
      • 4 months ago

      Many mornings, as I view the Great Blue Heron and his mate, look up at the glorious raptors circling the woods behind my house, see the deer as they and their fawns jump over our brook, (a branch of the Chambersbrook which will also be adversely affected, listen to the chirping oft he morning birds ( as opposed to the irritating HUMMMM of the SOLAR PANELS, I remind myself of all the reasons we moved here. And now the almighty buck ($) wants to prevail over the sanity and serenity of our area? Why? Because the owners of the property where Sanofi is currently situated on an already industrial area on 206 in Bridgewater, home of the corporate buildings and CAR DEALERSHIPS are too damn cheap to use their own facilities .No No No If he localhigh schools and the " can "put these ugly panelsup, so can Sanofi.


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