vote for immigrant rights

vote for immigrant rights

    1. Dave Bennion
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      Dave Bennion

      Philadelphia, PA

The RISE organization is sponsoring Fast For Our Future, an action to promote awareness of immigrant rights and to request a commitment from supporters to vote in support of immigrant rights this election day.  From the RISE website:

"We are fasting until at least 1,000,000 people sign the Pledge to vote on November 4th and take action to hold the next administration accountable to immigrant rights."

I signed their pledge--I encourage others who want to see humane and sensible immigration reform become a reality to do the same.

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    • Donnie Adams CHICAGO, IL
      • about 6 years ago

      I completely support the action of people involved in this fast and this overall movement for immigrant rights. Given the information, which is most widely available, it is easy to understand why people are taking such actions. However, I would like to inform anyone who comes upon this story that the following are very near and present plans for the people of North America:

      • North American Union - comprised of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. This agreement was signed by conservative Canadians, Vicente Fox, And George Bush in 2005. Now there are new conservative sweeps happening in all three countries again (Mexico will surely see a political overhaul after all the gang murders and extreme violence occurring there).

      • There will be extremely dangerous wars and conflicts falling left and right upon all people of N. America in a way like none of us have ever lived to see.

      • We are currently witnessing the bonding of countries across the world over one economic issue (which really only the US started and now everyone else is pretending to also suffer from, but this suffering is fabricated and in reality it is solely intended to cause the mass starvation of millions upon millions of people in a very short period of time [mostly in Africa and Asia] as a result of rising food prices and less funds for basic needs and medical expenses). This action will commit all countries involved to the following realities:

      • The destruction of the dollar and the rise of the Amero.

      • United Nations troops working within the borders of the US to control its

      population amidst the chaos.

      • Finally, World War.

      Now, these are not predictions, but certain plans of those whom we let control us and trick us into thinking we will have some sort of freedom in a ballot or in a new president. This is the most ridiculous lie any of us have ever been convinced of.

      So, what should we do?

      Exactly what the people whom I'm supporting with this pledge are doing. We should calmly sit, eat less, feel our bodies, see our souls, connect with the spirits of those around us, rise and do something more powerful than this world has ever seen - all of the energy of 100% pure love.

      I believe that, if we all took everything I just wrote as the absolute and LITERAL truth for this time that we are living in, we would find ourselves living in absolute peace and bliss.

      With Love,

      Donnie Adams

    • Dave Bennion PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • about 6 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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