Vote for "Global Warming is Killing our Oceans!!!"

Vote for "Global Warming is Killing our Oceans!!!"

    1. Bob Packer
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      Bob Packer

      Davie, FL

This needs to get attention now before it's too late...PLEASE VOTE!

Global Warming is Killing our Oceans!!! Save some Pictures for your Grandchildren. The race is on. We humans are trashing the Oceans. So we have the race of the eons: dying oceans v. global warming. Will mankind outlive shrimpkind? Your grandchildren will know that answer. By 2050 all the reefs might be dead. It might be too late for many areas around the world but we can try to do something now to save what is left. What are we waiting for all the fish to start washing up all over the world and then react!

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    • Marian Hailey-Moss NEW YORK, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Without our oceans in balance all life on the planet is in danger....

    • Kim Pembleton MOUNT ELGIN, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      We must stop taking water for granted, or there will be no life - for anyone or anything.

    • Bob Packer DAVIE, FL
      • almost 6 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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