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Vote Against ALIPAC Video on YouTube

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      National Council of La Raza

This week, the extremist anti-immigrant group, Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC), launched a political ad which, incredibly, smears a United States senator for accepting an award from a civil rights organization and announcing that he intends to stand up to bigots. ALIPAC has posted this video to Youtube and sent an email to its supporters, asking them to award it high ratings. 

Well, on the one hand, ALIPAC's president, William Gheen, is a relentless self-promoting egomaniac prone to exaggeration who thinks there are 58 states and wants Lou Dobbs to be President of the United States. This past June, he began a letter to the editor to the Charlotte Observer with the statement, "I'm not a murdering racist..."

On the other hand, ALIPAC has been designated a nativist, extremist organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League, and an anti-immigrant menace by the Observer. He engages in textbook immigrant bashing, claiming that immigrants are raping and pillaging communities and bringing countless diseases into this country. The poisonous climate in North Carolina with regard to immigrants has been attributed in part to such antics.

Unfortunately, Gheen is an anti-immigrant bigot with a platform. He is a frequent guest on cable television and talk radio, where he is introduced as an "immigration expert," an "expert" who's been quoted as saying that "illegal aliens in this country have set up ethnic cleansing zones, ethnic cleansing zones where if you walk past the wrong sign post, the invisible line, you're under the threat of death."

Gheen is now going after elected officials on both sides of the aisle and established civil rights organizations, such as the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), that have been pushing back against the presence of hate and extremist groups in the immigration debate. Please help us send Gheen and his organization the message that his immigrant scapegoating is unacceptable and we will not stand for his hate-filled stunts.

Go to YouTube and vote against ALIPAC's video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_dUvVcBQFU. Comment on it. Show the world that this group of extremists is not representative of what most people think.

Stand up to the demonizing of our civil rights institutions. Let's stand up to ALIPAC and its hate together. Please forward this email to five of your friends and ask them to sign up for We Can Stop the Hate alerts. Thank you for everything you do. Sincerely,

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    • Stephanie Garcia NASHVILLE, TN
      • over 4 years ago

      I despise ALIPAC.  I signed up for a password on their site so I could post the following letter I wrote to them.  I was banned immediately.  I can no longer use my account on the forum area.  I tried to contact Mr. Gheen as well as a moderator and ask why.  They won't contact me/respond to my request.  I guess they think I am a trouble-maker, but read my letter below.  Nothing in it is disrespectful or wrong.  They supposedly believe in free speech (or so they say they do).  This is what I posted under their "General Discussion" Forum--I don't know why they banned me, maybe they were scared I would change some of their members minds to quit ALIPAC, who knows?

      The natural resources of this earth are collectively owned by all
      > inhabitants.  Our immigration laws are based on little more but our
      > self-interest in maintaining our possessions and wealth.  Americans
      > reluctant to share entry to their society in fear of becoming the
      next third
      > world country.  I’ve literally heard arguments as shallow as the
      > statement, “Why should we share (i.e.  allow immigrants to settle),
      > we’ll be just like the place others are trying to escape?”
      > Another common misunderstanding is that people who want to come to
      the U.S.
      > can actually do such in a legal manner (i.e. fill out paper work and
      wait to
      > be admitted).  Unless the applicant can prove that they have a certain
      > amount of property and/or wealth in their original country, they *will
      > not*be considered for a visa and admitted into the U.S.
      > For example, I was in Tijuana in 2008, and I met a man who was a U.S.
      > citizen.   He was actually from the state of GA, and he had a
      > that was a Mexican citizen.  They had become quite serious in their
      > relationship, and he wanted to take her to Georgia for a couple of
      weeks to
      > meet his family.  They made an appointment to get her visa, and I
      asked a
      > few days later what had happened.  To my disbelief, they had denied
      her on
      > the basis that she might become a “public charge” to the United
      States of
      > America.  This lady was not poverty-stricken like millions of Mexican
      > citizens.  She had actually graduated from a Mexican University with a
      > chemistry degree.  So you can begin to imagine how tough it is to get
      > our borders the “legal way”.
      > Just imagine how a poor person from one of the world’s third world
      > feels?  They are usually only eligible for the “lottery-type” (sorry,
      > not familiar with the politically-correct terminology) visas that are
      > issued, and as you might imagine, it is nearly impossible to get
      one.  Another
      > way a poor third world resident might gain entry into the U.S. is
      through a
      > “guest worker” program.  Again, this is virtually an impossible
      > feat—especially for those who are illiterate and don’t have access to
      > resources that would enable them to register.
      > Anyone who has ever visited the third world will understand me when I
      > the following…There is no way to describe the magnitude of that kind
      > poverty to someone who has never been there.   TV documentaries and
      > cannot prepare you for what it is really like “in vivo”.  My opinion
      is that
      > U.S. citizens should remain unbiased toward illegal aliens unless
      they have
      > actually visited a third world country.   In other words, “Keep your
      > shut unless you know first-hand what you’re talking about”.    Many
      > will disagree with that previous statement, but seriously, how can you
      > honestly tell someone they must be banished to live a life of poverty
      > you sit comfortably within what many consider to be paradise?
      > Try to imagine being a hard working honest person that lives in a
      > world country.  I know people who used to work sixteen hour days--six
      > per week—that still were unable to do anything more than feed their
      > Imagine working that hard and still not being able to afford a
      > television—let alone a vehicle?  Imagine having to work like that
      with no
      > hope of ever having anything but maybe an old radio and a rusty small
      > refrigerator, no stove.  Imagine having to cook by improvising with
      > blocks and firewood.  Imagine having to watch loved ones suffer (and
      > times they die- if they’re very young or old) because of having to
      pay cash
      > before getting medical care.  Imagine your kids having to quit school
      > because they didn’t have money for their uniform.  Many countries say
      > education is free, but it really isn’t.  I’ve heard many stories of
      > being sent home as punishment if they don’t have what they’re supposed
      > to.  Many
      > times, a family will have their kids quit before they get publicly
      > humiliated for not having the right supplies.  I could keep going on
      > many examples, but readers get my basic picture.
      > What a person should try and do is to reverse the scenario for a few
      > minutes, and then *honestly* reflect upon what comes to mind.   Ask
      > yourself, “What would I do?”  Anyone but a complete idiot would do
      > necessary to better themselves.  Only a fool would say, *“Well, I
      > I’ll stay here and be miserable with no hope because I don’t want to
      > another country’s immigration laws”--especially a country notorious
      > exploiting others to become wealthy--a nation known to bully anyone
      > stands in the way of its interests and wants.  *
      > Another concept I fail to understand is the person who glorifies his
      > ancestors for coming here legally and in the same conversation bashes
      > illegal alien for not doing it the same way.  That is such
      ignorance.  If
      > they had tried to enter using our present immigration laws, great-
      > would’ve had to sneak in through the border.  I read that only about
      1% of
      > immigrants were turned away at Ellis Island.  Usually, those were
      > individuals who were extremely ill with some disease, or it might’ve
      > included some folks who were obviously mentally ill.  So basically,
      > just had to show up.  There were no requirements like poor immigrants
      > today.  People came because they wanted a better life.  That is no
      > than what illegal aliens are coming here for now.
      > How can I say someone else doesn’t deserve to live here?  I can’t.
      It is
      > just luck that I was born here.
      > Do I think we need to open up all of our borders tomorrow morning?  I
      > honestly be scared for my own materialistic reasons.  I don’t know the
      > answer to who deserves to be where on the earth.  Morally, who has
      the right
      > to live a comfortable life while telling others they’ll just have to
      do the
      > best they can somewhere else.  It reminds me of the actions typical
      to a
      > toddler who is too immature to see how selfish he is being to another.
      > --
      > Sincerely,
      > Stephanie


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