Voice Your Support for Expanded Learning Time in High-Poverty Schools

Voice Your Support for Expanded Learning Time in High-Poverty Schools

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All students in America, including children living in poverty, deserve an education that prepares them for success. Unfortunately, ouroutdated school calendar does not give schools enough time to prepare today’s students for success in higher education, in the workplace, and as engaged citizens.

Join us today in favor of ensuring that our high-poverty schools have the support and flexibility necessary to expand learning time for their students. More time for small-group instruction, project-based and hands-on learning, and enrichment courses will benefit students well beyond their time in the classroom.

Over 1,000 pioneering schools across the nation are already proving what can be accomplished when schools use more time well. The moment has come for policymakers and educators to take action. Join us today and add your voice in support of expanded learning time. 

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    • Ruby Johnson ST. PETERSBURG, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      Academy Prep in St. Petersburg has extended hours and the students are a couple grades above in reading.

    • sheryl stevens SHOALS, IN
      • over 2 years ago

      As a mother, this concerns me. I live in relative poverty with my husband (minimum wage, sole earner) and our three children, but unlike many folks living in a downtrodden economic position, I have the precious double-bladed luxury of staying at home with my kids. At first it wasn't a choice - it was because I couldn't get a job and it became cheaper for me to stay at home than pay a babysitter to watch the boys then drive here, there, and yonder putting in fruitless applications. Now it's because the local state-funded head start program doesn't have a place for my oldest son, who will be five this year. I will be forced to purchase homeschooling material (rather than the ABC coloring books etc that we already use) just to keep him from falling behind his age-mates and allow him to enter kindergarten on time! There is plenty of evidence that children coming out of a low-income family don't get the same attention or effort as "middle-class" kids. It seems like a vicious cycle in the making: child living in poverty gets a below-standard education, then goes on to be a poverty-level adult, who then has children that will of course live in poverty. There has to be a way out of it, and there is (when we are given it) - education! So *give* it to us already!


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