Virgin: Apologize for the "Get Lucky" Promo
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Virgin: Apologize for the "Get Lucky" Promo

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UPDATE: I spoke with Virgin America executives on 6/4/13 and learned the following, among other thigs:

a) This promotion actually ended on Friday, May 31 (though it still appears on the airline's Facebook page)

b) Virgin America has declined to make a public statement apologizing and acknowledging an understanding of the many ways this promotion is problematic for women. For that reason, I'm leaving the petition open for now (with minor changes).

Please see this post for upates, including details on my conversation with Virgin America executives.


Virgin America's "Get Lucky at 35,000 Feet" promotion promises to turn their airline into a flying meat-market.

Let’s face it: the "get lucky" campaign is aimed at men and encourages them to hit on women on Virgin flights. That’s not something I want when I travel. And it’s certainly not the attitude I want from the airline I fly with.

This promotion–aimed at men–targets women and essentially turns Virgin flights into flying meat-markets. For women–many or even most of whom experience unwanted sexual attention in public spaces on a regular basis–this means that Virgin flights will be potentially uncomfortable and even unsafe spaces for women who don’t seek male attention when they fly.

Please join me in telling Virgin to apologize for putting women on the menu.


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