Terminate Code Violation in the eviction or euthanasia of recued felines
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Village of South Elgin, IL Code Enforcement, Adm, President,Trustee's
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Terminate Code Violation in the eviction or euthanasia of recued felines

    1. Petition by

      Guardian Angels Feline Rescue

May 2013


From Petition Creator: I don't feel that I actually won in this case & my attorney representing me advised to just pay a fine & court cost in order to put an end to this nonesense in these charges that after 30 years of doing this in this town was now suddenly "illegal & wrong" in recuing abandoned & abused animals but that's how our goverment works today in that they will do anything for a buck! Our town has done nothing to help this over whelming situation over the past 40 years that I know of so I took it upon myself in being a voice for these less fortunate animals. It's a shame that our village officials felt that it was necessary to suddenly go after someone that did something about it. They don't bother to go after all of the irresponsible people who abandoned & abuse these animals which is the major cause of this cruelty!

To the Court of Public Opinion:

I’ve been an animal advocate all of my life & in my community for over 30 years in which I have volunteered my time & money in trying to resolve an ongoing & over whelming situation with abandoned & abused animals in our town & Kane Co. & when not many others wanted to even bother with this, including our towns police dept. in South Elgin. I first became aware of this problem back in the 1980’s when I worked at the police dept. & discovered that some of our police officers would take the stray cats to a local gravel pit to practice target shooting at them, & I knew that there had to be a more humane way in handling this!

During all of this time the police dept. & even our local animal shelter would give out my name & number to the people who would call them for help in dealing with a problem with felines instead of helping them. But now we suddenly have this “Code Enforcement” Frank Altmaier who apparently has nothing better to do other then harass me & since Mr. Altmaier doesn’t even reside in our town I informed him that I had been doing in this in our town for over 30 years!

During this entire time I have never claimed to be a “Licensed Shelter” & have always just been known as a “Feline Rescue”& had originally only been involved in TNR- Trap-Neuter-Release for feral felines. Which requires a recovery period after spaying or neutering felines prior to releasing them, along with finding a safe place for them where they may have some form of shelter & food. Unfortunately, irresponsible people have now created an overwhelming situation by abandoning their domestic felines & didn’t even have the common sense to have them spayed or neutered resulting in the over population of kittens being born outside.

The only “License” I ever claimed to have was obtained with the Dept. of Ag. For the Welfare of Animals which was required when anyone is involved trapping felines in the rescue of these animals. The only thing that I maybe guilty of is abiding with any laws in regards to the trapping & rescue of felines & following all of the requirements in doing so with the Dept of Ag. For the Welfare of Animals, the Illinois Secretary of State & Kane County. During this entire time there has never been any problems or complaints with what I was doing.

Also, since I was “Not a Licensed Shelter” I have never charged any adoption fee to anyone taking any of the felines that I have rescued during this entire time, as the actual “Animal Shelters” do!

Sometime in the first part of 2010 after some publicity was in the newspapers regarding the possibly of receiving a 50K grant to use for the expenses in caring for the rescued felines, which we never received is what I’m sure initiated our town’s “Code Enforcement” & just happened to coincide with Mr. Altmaier showing up at my door stating that I could not be a “Licensed Shelter” in our town. When I asked how many animals can my neighbor’s have I was told that there was No Limit! I then explained that I was not an actual “Licensed Shelter” & only had a “License” with the Dept. of Ag. For allowing me to trap in rescuing of Felines & that I will cancel that “License” & on 09-11-2011 I sent a letter cancelling the only License that I had with the Dept. of Ag. For the Welfare for Animals & told “Code Enforcement” Mr. Altmaier during his initial visit that these were now all just my felines.

So, they quickly held a town meeting on my behalf to pass an ordinance on 03-21-2011 (which there has never been any ordinance prior to this date & during the period of the 30 years that I had been rescuing felines) that people were only allowed to have 4 animals in their homes. They also stated at that time that anyone with more animals prior to this ordinance would still be allowed to keep them except for me, which is a violations of my rights.

The following is taken from this newly passed ordinance Dated: March 21, 2011:

Section 13. Repeal and Savings Clause. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall affect any rights, actions, or causes of action which shall have accrued to the Village of South Elgin prior to the effective date of this ordinance.

Regardless of the above statement The “Code Enforcement” Frank Altmaier showed up again on 08-09-2012 & then again on 08-15-2012 with a 30 day notice? He told me that what I’ve been doing is illegal & wrong, but I guess that’s is not illegal or wrong if I just throw all of these rescued felines out as all of those irresponsible people had done which created this problem, or if those professional animal trappers drown them while still alive in the trapper, or if the homeless people in Elgin down by the river use all of the kittens that they get for free as bait for fishing, etc. He went on to inform me that I can’t care for these felines in this town & that I would have to go else where to care for them.

Well, now our compassionate towns “Code Enforcement” Frank Altmaier sent a registered letter dated 10-31-12 (Halloween how appropriate) stating that they were going to fine me for a violation of “Non-permitted Use” for up to $750.00 per day!  So now it appears as if I will have to just turn over my social security check each month to them.

Dealing with all of this Ridiculous nonsense has been extremely stressful & has contributed to my health issues. I think that this is a shame that after 30 years of volunteering my time & money in doing something that I believe was Right for this town this is how they Thank Me! Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Do what you feel in your Heart to be Right, for you’ll be criticized anyway”.

Sadly, the only option that our “Code Enforcement” are giving any remaining rescued Felines is to be Euthanized!

This is unjust & a violations of my rights since I have been rescuing felines in my town for 30 years & there has never been any code ordinace during this time & was only passed after they suddenly decided that I could no longer help these abandoned & abused felines & passed an ordinance on March 21, 2011 allowing only 4 animals per home but anyone with more prior to this ordinance would be allowed to keep them except me.

P.O. Box 595, South Elgin, IL 60177

or you can E-mail me at: cjschultz23@sbcglobal.net

or call me maybe at: (847) 931-4535


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    1. Hearing Results from Jan 12th in Feb. on Judges decision

      Even though the town of South Elgin's ordinance was poorly written & didn't even apply to me the judge's hearing in this case decided that I should still pay a fine for my illegal compassion for abandoned & abused animals. Rather then file an appeal which I feel would have been in order I opted to pay them their fine since I feel that this was really just all about money & put an end to this Ridiculous matter. My thanks to all of my supporters!

    2. Court Date Jan 12th Hearing

      A hearing was held & "Code Enforcement" Frank Altmaier E-mail faltmaier@southelgin.com presented his evidence against me for the crime that I have been commiting over the past 30 years which consisted of copies from the internet of a previous web site, my Facebook page, newspaper articles & a photo of me at an adoption for felines at Petsmart in Geneva, IL from 5 years ago & a listing of felines needing a home that I listed on AdoptaPet, which if he would have taken the time to read their bio's about each feline he would have seen that some were in foster homes & 1 was even living outside on someones deck in Geneva! Mr. Altmaier worked really hard at gathering all of this evidence, & he must have sat at his computer all day. I'm actually starting to think that I maybe getting "Punked" & that this is all just a joke! And, this guy is actually getting paid to do this at the tax payers expense. Anyway, the "Judge" will review all of this daming evidence & make his judgement by Feb. 9th.

      Village of South Elgin

      In 2011, the Village was ranked in CNN/Money's Top 100 Welcome to South Elgin! On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our community.

    3. Requested continuance of Court Date to Jan. 12th

      I appeared in our "Towns Court" on Dec. 8th along with several of my supporters, in which I quickly felt very intimidated as if I was some old Dirty Dog that no one wanted standing before this person who represented being the judge! I requested a continuance due to these circumstances & will have legal representation at the hearing on Jan 12th. Hopefully, there will be even more supporters for Animal Rights at this next hearing.

    4. Thanks for your support in being a Voice for these Animals!

      It is "Mind Boggling" to suddenly be told that what I am doing is "Illegal & Wrong" & wonder why they never told me this 20 years ago, or maybe 10 years, or even 5 or just 3 years ago. I guess that these "code enforcement" people have to earn their pay checks that the tax payers provide for them even if it means going after the less fortunate abandoned & abused animals. I recently heard from another rescue in Geneva, IL that they only gave them a few days to get "Rid" of all of their rescued felines? I've enc. a video of "Honey" who was dumped along with his 2 other siblings by an irresponsible person who will never be held accountable for their inhumane act that this animal has to suffer for & to show you why I do what I do.

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. Summons of Notice to appear in Court in the Crime of Rescuing Animals!

      Anyone wishing to be a Voice for Abandoned & Abused Animals may attend this Hearing at the Village of South Elgin Board Room 2nd Fl. 10 N. Water St. So. Elgin, IL on Sat. Dec. 8th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Tel (847) 741-3894. Were their Last Hope & many of these Rescued Animals will have to Die with that Hope still in their Hearts. Thanks for your support!

    7. Reached 100 signatures
    8. "Honey" Boo Boo Boy

      "Honey" one of our rescued felines who was Dumped by his owner is Broke & unless he can come up with $750 per day to stay living in the wonderful town of South Elgin, IL He will be evicted or possible even worse Euthansied thanks to our towns Code Enforcement Mr. Altmaier!

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    Reasons for signing

    • beth young TAYLORVILEE, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      This person is taking action to help animals and stop animal overpopulation, this activity should be encouraged and not be penalized.

    • Thomas Steffen NAPLES, FL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am a part time Elgin resident, currently spending the winter in Florida. This women is doing an invaluable service to the community. She doe's not need the harrassment of a so called "Code Inforcer", who is abusing his position. Is it better these poor animals a used for target practice by Elgins finest? Leave this woman alone, and perhaps even assist her in her endeavor.

    • Laura Hauff AURORA, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because we need to use sense in making a distinction between a hoarder and a rescue. If no one is being harmed by this rescue, then this is not what the law is meant to do.

    • Lisa Thom NORTH AURORA, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Carol is helping these animals find a betterlife. The people that should be fined are the ones that do NOT spay and neuter their pets and allow them to multiply and then dump them.

    • Kirsten Weger BELVIDERE, IL
      • almost 2 years ago

      I, too, did this for a few years in my county, at MY expense, and found good homes. Animal control would call me to save orphaned kittens that needed bottle feeding or were in extremely dire circumstances. Since our county has no feline program, and we had no reacue or shelter at the time, I felt obliged to help. Now we have a shelter in town and I volunteer my time there, this is a very expensive endeavor to an individual, as no vets around here offered discounts, and even though we had an ordinance on dog limits, there is still no feline limit. These unsung heroes of animal rescue should not be bullied!


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