Victorian Attorney-General: Launch an inquiry into clergy sexual assault and Church abuse of victims
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Victorian Attorney-General
Robert Clark
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Ted Baillieu

Victorian Attorney-General: Launch an inquiry into clergy sexual assault and Church abuse of victims

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      Melbourne Victims' Collective

Victims of sexual assault by clergy continue to receive unjust and inhumane treatment from Catholic Church responses across Victoria:

      Noreen was sexually molested and raped as a private hospital patient by its priest chaplain. Her basic needs for safety, care and support have been ignored by the Archbishop and his Melbourne Response, causing her continuing serious trauma.

       Maxwell is 70 and cannot read or write. He was 11 when he was molested and raped repeatedly by his priest ‘carer’ in a Victorian orphanage. Telling the Church only recently, he was offered $5000 and a written apology. He refused this, and suffers daily from his lifelong trauma.

      Father Kevin Dillon of Saint Mary's Parish Geelong, who has long supported victims, says, “Keeping people alive is the priority!”

The church hides its harmful behaviour. No church records are available for scrutiny, hiding the breadth of victims’ suffering, the neglect that they endure and the extent of related suicides. Thirty-four men are known to have suicided as a result of sexual assaults by two separate clergy. Families continue to be torn apart.

When victims report sexual offenders to the church and not the police, the Church conducts a private process and does not report any complaints to the police. and offenders remain in the priesthood and religious life, and may re-offend.

These private church processes must come under police, government and public scrutiny. Justice Cummins has already made a recommendation, a whole of government inquiry cannot wait.  

We speak for the Melbourne Victims’ Collective, survivors throughout Victoria, priests of integrity from Victorian parishes, parish members, concerned families, supporting professionals and members of the wider community.  

This injustice and harm must stop! 

Stand with us and help call for an urgently needed inquiry. 

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    • sue ulutay OAK PARK, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      All paedophiles should be brought to justice and named and shamed!!!!!!!!1

    • judy wiltshire WATSONIA, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      The truth must be outed and the Catholic church exposed for hiding disgusting child abuse, There must be an inquiry into their behavour.

    • Russell Beer BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • over 2 years ago

      All Pedophiles not only Clergy are a blight on society and should be named and shamed on national TV for all to see. The church should not use its powers to internally punish which obviously they dont but rather manditory report the offense to the police.

      • over 2 years ago

      All sexual abuse of children is despicable. My loathing is not directed towards clergy, but all paedophiles.


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