Reconsider your portrayals of asexual characters!
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Reconsider your portrayals of asexual characters!

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      Asexual Awareness Week

      Sacramento, CA

The House episode "Better Half" which aired on January 23, 2012, represented asexuality very poorly by attributing it to both medical illness and deception. The episode encourages viewers to meet asexuality with skepticism rather than acceptance, to probe asexual people for causes of our “condition” rather than to accept us as a part of the natural spectrum of human sexual diversity. This misinformation could have severe negative consequences on asexual people around the world, especially youth, who are struggling to come to terms with themselves and find acceptance. We ask the executive producers of House and the executives at Fox to reconsider portrayals of asexual characters and engage the community to find narratives that are appropriate depictions of asexual people and relationships.

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      Asexual Awareness Week
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      Great news: we reached 1,000 signatures in just 7 days!

      We are working on this campaign because of the large amount of response from the asexual community and the fact that this is a defining moment. This won’t be the last time that network television gets it wrong and we have to make sure they hear from us every time it’s wrong. This is how we stop stereotypes.

      So ask five people to sign the petition, and then ask them to ask five more.

      The Spanish language asexual community has contributed to this project by providing the language of the petition in Spanish, so that we can also target Spanish language communities.

      Thank you for supporting this petition!

      Sara Beth Brooks
      Asexual Awareness Week

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    • Kristina Valkeinen Henriksen TøNSBERG, NORWAY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am Asexual myself, and I want people to understand and accept asexuality, not judge and reject.

    • Mikko Päivärinta ROVANIEMI, FINLAND
      • about 2 years ago

      "It's just a show" is no excuse. People are influenced by the media every day, and in this case it allows people to adopt misconceptions about asexuality as an identity. Although asexuality can be caused by medical anomalies and although asexuality, like any other identity, is suspect to personal doubt, assuming that all asexuals are either sick and in need of fixing or lying to themselves is downright offensive. I am not sick. I am not pretending. I am asexual. And we will not be demeaned and categorized.

    • Addie David ..., PHILIPPINES
      • about 2 years ago

      I am a recently-identified asexual and it took me a long time to come to terms with my asexuality because of this episode. It was a while before I did my own research and found that no, asexuality isn't actually like how it was portrayed in House in the one episode.

    • Debra Gilbert EAST QUOGUE, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      Asexuals are not charachters! They are people with nointerst in sex and there is nothing wrong with that! OMG, opinions are crazy!

    • Sarah Sullivan WEBSTER, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      Like all my fellow asexuals, I too am angered and offended by this episode of House. It seemed to start off good toward the beginning, but quickly turned bad toward the end. Like other people are saying, you really made it worse by making the woman admit that she was just pretending to be asexual. Why couldn't you have just made her really asexual?


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