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VCU Health System: Give Chick-fil-A the Boot
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VCU Health System: Give Chick-fil-A the Boot

    1. Daniel H.
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      Daniel H.

      Richmond, VA

"Guilty as charged."

That's the response Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy gave when asked about his company's support of anti-gay hate groups across the United States. $2 million bucks a year worth of support, support that allows groups like the Marriage & Family Foundation and the Family Research Center (a hate group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center) to spread their hateful message about LGBT individuals nation wide, as well as opposing the teaching of evolution, sex education, and the impact of human beings on the environment to our children. Their money is spent lobbying lawmakers to restrict important stem-cell and other medical research.

Despite all of this, VCU Health System allows a Chick-fil-A franchise to operate in their main hospital, making money that is funneled right back in to their hate and disinformation machine.

Is this the type of organization a world-class research institution and teaching hospital like VCU Health System should be supporting?

Send a message to VCU Health System's administration: Chick-fil-A and their support of these organizations is incompatible with VCU's mission of improving the health of all people regardless of sexual orientation, and advancing medicine through cutting-edge research.


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