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Keep the Pine Free Youth Clinic Open

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      Fair Trade Mob

If the Pine Free is terminated, our community, and specifically our youths, will experience an increase in drug abuse, suicide, STI's, depression, eating disorders, and pregnancy. It is effectively in the heart of Kitsilano. Let's keep our image, and more importantly, our youths clean and healthy.




Bryan Derek Ange LaRochelle

Captain of the Aquabus

Founder of Fair Trade Mob


"Mobbing is an antipredatorial behaviour. We unite to protect our city and our communities."

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    • Lesley Stokes VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • about 6 hours ago

      Please. Medical treatment and advice is not a privilege, its a human right. The people who require this service are the ones who need it the most. Plus, it was such a wonderful place, I have never been to a medical clinic where i've ever felt more comfortable than I did there. I actually spoke about issues I've never spoken about before with the doctors. So now I must speak up again... please, don't close this service.

    • Nancy Wang VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 3 days ago

      I lived in Marpole for the entire length of highschool but took the bus all the way to Pine Free Clinic to see a doctor. I felt safe with the doctors and nurses at PineFree and would have struggled to get through my youth without them.

    • Dylan Sanderson VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 4 days ago

      This is an essential service in our community.

    • Brianna Baceda VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 5 days ago

      I'm signing this petition because Pine Clinic was vital to my health care upon moving here when I was 19. Everytime I went the doctors, they were receptive and caring and two doctors were actually vital in diagnosing a vaginal problem I had for many years and had given up on finding out what was wrong or how to fix it. I am almost 25 now and would no longer be able to go to pine clinic but when I turned 24 I remember being upset about it because I knew I only had a year left of good healthcare how impossibly hard is was going to be to find a good doctor let alone a family doctor in general when know offices are taking new patients. Pine clinic was a great health card option for me as a youth/young adult and it needs to stay open to help and foster other youth!

    • rebecca narvey VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 5 days ago

      its important to all youth


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