Demand Life for Veal Calves
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Demand Life for Veal Calves

    1. Taylor Smith
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      Taylor Smith

      Kennesaw, GA

The typical life for a veal calf includes immediate separation from its mother, restraints in an isolated crate, and slaughter anywhere from days to weeks. These living, breathing, infant beings are not given the chance to live!

Practices like this have been banned for over 20 years in the UK, as well as in the entire European Union by 2007 (which includes France and Italy where veal is included in many culinary dishes). Crates are slowly being phased out in a few US states, but the few don't out-weigh the many states still allowing this practice.

Let's take progress a step further and demand Free-Raised Veal in all American states!

Free-Raising Veal ensures the following for calves:

> A natural life in a pasture
> Unlimited access to its mother's milk
> No hormone or antibiotic use
> A longer life (~35 weeks) 

It not only gives each calf a quality life with its mother, it is healthier for consumers.

Strauss Brands Inc. has already committed to ensuring humane veal practices. It's time other companies do the same!

Let's see that Free-Raising veal calves becomes the only practice in the veal industry!

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    1. Decision-maker American Veal Association responds:

      American Veal Association

      As a resident of WI, I am most familiar with Strauss Brands and their wonderful free-
      raised veal. We are proud that they are the
      leaders in humanely raised veal and do business here.

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      Taylor Smith
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you all for standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves!

      I'm so happy to report we've past 100 signatures and are on our way to gaining more!

      Please, if you haven't already, share with this your family, friends, and others who can join us in our cause!

      Want to help in another way?
      > Stop eating veal. The best way to make the veal industry to notice is by not supporting their business.

      >Spread the word. Many people are unaware of the veal production process, and some are even unaware that what they are eating was once an infant.

      >Talk to your government. This petition is addressed to USDA, as well as the American Veal Association. However, talking with your representatives and senators is always a helpful step in ensuring your thoughts will be considered in future, related legislation.

      Again, thank you all for your support and dedication!

      Now, let's reach 200 signatures!

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    • Tim Drewek DALLAS, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      I don't eat veal but hopefully this is a beginning step to ending the cruelty and tortured life of the veal calf. Join the yahoo group does not do a body good anyway.

    • Karen Drewek DALLAS, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Does everyone understand the reason this animal is veal is because the Dairy Industry artificially inseminates the female cow, so they have no use for all the male calves being born? The heifer has to stay pregnant in order to produce milk. We are the only mammal that drinks milk after we are weaned. It is scientifically not good for us; there is more calcium in broccoli than milk; 1995 Harvard Nurses Study revealed women who drank more milk to combat osteoporosis actually experienced more fractures and broken hips. We should make a pledge to consume less dairy products and, of course, NEVER eat veal! And share with others our knowledge, in love, and hope that they make changes. Regarding Strauss, their verbiage, "Unlimited Access to Mother's Milk", probably means they just give it a bucket of it - it's not allowed to suckle. Think about it, it is like giving a hungry newborn baby a bowl and expecting the baby to be able to nourish itself.

      • over 2 years ago

      This makes me VERY UPSET. These poor animals and the suffering they endure turns into adrenalen which then consumers eat and that fear and those hormones etc. are then fermenting in their guts for a VERY LONG TIME.

      • almost 3 years ago

      Veal production should be illegal in the USA. Please sign my petition to make Publix Supermarkets stop selling veal.

    • Bonny Stroebel PRETORIA, HI
      • almost 3 years ago

      Mother Earth nurtures us, she feeds us, and she teaches us. The beauty of all living things resides with her and it is our duty to protect and look after what we have. No more cruelty, no more torcher, no more killing for greed, No More! We need to step up as human beings and protect the earth and all living things equally!

      If you care about PROTECTING Woman and Children from violent sexual assault, please stand together for change~

      Please take the time to go see this Blog~


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