USDA/APHIS: Rescue Echo the Baby Fruit Bat From a Life of Solitary Confinement
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USDA/APHIS: Rescue Echo the Baby Fruit Bat From a Life of Solitary Confinement

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      Bat World Sanctuary

Imagine you are a baby and you were ripped away from your mother before you were even fully weaned. Alone and frightened, you are then sold to a person who knows nothing about your species or how to take care of you. You have the incredible freedom of flight but you can’t fly because you live in a small wire cage inside a house with numerous other exotic animals in small cages. You have no friends or family members to keep you company. You crave the companionship of your own kind, but most of all you crave the mother who you will never see again.

This is the reality of “Echo” the baby fruit bat who was sold to Lisa Limbert, of Lisa's Creatures. She is yet another victim of the exotic pet trade. Echo was purchased from Scott Heindrick, who runs the Flying Fox Conservation Fund, an exotic pet trade business allegedly operating under the guise of conservation.

The HSUS believes the exotic pet trade business is second only to black market drugs and weapons. In the United States, breeders and sellers market these poor animals via the internet and in trade magazines. It is a $15 billion dollar business in the U.S. alone.  Most of these animals find their way to being someone’s “pet”, or entertaining the masses in an animal circus or road side zoo. Bat like Echo, who have a life span of 25 years, rarely last over a year in these conditions.

Bat World Sanctuary and other bat groups have reached out to Lisa Limbert in an attempt to educate her regarding the issue of cruel confinement and proper diet for Echo. We offered to find a permanent home for Echo, one that would allow Echo to live and have the space to fly, play, sleep and eat with other bats of her kind. Sadly, all attempts to help Echo have been refused.  It is not only Echo’s health and well being that are in danger. Echo's continued cruel confinement may pose a potential health hazard and other liabilities associated in housing a flighted bat inside a home. Because Echo will also suffer mentally, she will likely develop a propensity for biting anyone who attempts to handle her. Lisa Limbert allegedly intends to use Echo in educations programs involving children.

Lisa Limbert is currently in violation of USDA regulations Subpart F: "Species that fly must be provided with sufficient unobstructed enclosure volume to enable movement by flying and sufficient roosting space to allow all individuals to rest simultaneously."

Bat World and other bat groups are encouraging state and federal agencies to remove Echo from Lisa's Creatures and place her with an accredited sanctuary that can provide her with the life she needs and deserves.

For more information on the plight of Echo:
Bat World Sanctuary Inc.

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    • Amy Hayden WILMINGTON, OH
      • 10 months ago

      Lisa Limbert is a fucking moron and a liar. This is NOT how a bat is supposed to live. Bats like Echo are SOCIAL CREATURES. Echo needs to be with others of her own kind and in a place where she can be free to fly, NOT in a fucking dog crate. The exotic pet trade is a terrible thing that needs to be stopped. Not an easy task, but saving Echo would be a step in the right direction. A home in Bat World with loving care provided by people who understand her needs and the company of other bats would be far better for her than what she's forced to endure now.

    • Angela Hughes MINERAL WELLS, TX
      • 12 months ago

      Bats are not solitary animals and should not be treated like this

    • vicki pugmire SALT LAKE CITY, UT
      • about 1 year ago

      WHY???? What kind of question is that ??? This is horrible!! If you have to ask WHY then humanity is doomed!!

    • Judith Spector POTOMAC, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      Supporting a friend

    • Robert Wein RESTON, VA
      • over 1 year ago

      Bats are extremely important to the entire eco-system for the survival of people and for food.


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