Please Stream More USWNT Games
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Please Stream More USWNT Games

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      Julia S.

      New Hartford, CT

After their incredible performance at the World Cup, the popularity of the US Women's National Soccer Team skyrocketed.There was much promise for the growth of the women's game.There are so many people passionate about the team and enthusiastic about watching every single game that is available...and yet, US Soccer constantly fails to supply fans with a stream until the very last minute and after days upon days of demanding.

Yes, we do understand that not all games can be covered and streamed. We also understand that sometimes the equipment necessary is not available in certain places where the games are held. We're not ungrateful. We absolutely appreciate what US Soccer does for us.

It's just that fans shouldn't have to beg to watch the #1 team in the world play. I don't think it's greedy or ridiculous to expect equal treatment and to expect US Soccer to act like the women's team is a high priority.

When the men's team, whose game on 5/26 is aired on television, yet the women's sold out game on 5/27 is not even being streamed, something is wrong. We shouldn't have to pester and essentially campaign to have a game streamed. Yes, there is excitement when the announcement is made that fans will get to see the game, but it's also demoralizing to know that there could have been a stream all along. It's tiresome, spending so much time worrying and wondering whether or not we can watch the game, only to finally hear the day before the game that there will be a web stream.

Why it always us making all that effort when you could have made a stream available anyway? This is unfair treatment toward the fans and more so, it's unfair treatment toward the team, who deserves every bit of coverage as the men.

"One game does not a fan make."
Well, yes. That certainly is true.
But how do you expect to gain more fans, to keep the ones you've got, if the only people who get to see the games are the ones actually at the games? For some fans, especially ones outside of the US, that's not even a plausible option.

Please make more USWNT games available to fans. At the very least, we expect for US Soccer to be upfront about why they are choosing not to stream games, despite the huge fan base and available resources. I can promise that fans of the USWNT will remain one hundred percent loyal and supportive of them. I can promise we will continue to fight and to show that we love this team. What I cannot promise, though, is that fans will remain so patient with this association if such treatment is continued.

Thank you.

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    • Maria Cummings CUMMING, GA
      • about 2 years ago

      Need to see more of the Women's National Team!

    • Desiree Tindugan MISSISSAUGA, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      These players do not have falsified fame, or fans. These PROFESSIONAL athletes work hard on their craft, their past and present players have also built their fan-base from the ground up against serious adversity. If you needed anymore reasons, 1) sold-out crowd 2) fans BEGGING on their knees. There IS demand, so SUPPLY it. Give this team airtime !

    • Stephen Slater TINTON FALLS, NJ
      • over 2 years ago

      Love the women's game. No dramatics, no diving, just effort and skill.

    • Karimah Browne SUGAR LAND, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      Many USWNT fans are students, myself included. I am a very devoted fan, but as a student I cannot afford to attend many games, especially those outside of driving distance. Having games streamed online or aired on TV gives me the opportunity to support my team when it is impossible for me to travel to or attend a game. I know many students face this problem, so any and all web streamed or televised games are greatly appreciated.

    • Valery Krsak ZAGREB, CROATIA
      • over 2 years ago

      There is no reason good enough for UsSoccer not to give USWNT the same coverage the USMNT gets...USWNT is an amazing team with world class players and incredible results that have been keept on a high note for years...give USWNT 100% of your support because they deserve that and more...lets grow the game of womens soccer for all the young generations looking up to the USWNT


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