Congress: Don't Let Airlines Advertise Deceptive Prices
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Congress: Don't Let Airlines Advertise Deceptive Prices

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      Charles Leocha, Travelers United

Congress wants to remove regulations that protect you from deceptive airline ticket advertising. Don't let it.

The House Transportation Committee acted with alarming speed last week to move its bill out of committee. Airline lobbyists are working hard, as you read this, to find sponsors for this bill in the Senate Commerce Committee. We need a groundswell of consumer outrage about this airline-engineered congressional attack on truth in advertising. 

I’m Charlie Leocha and I have been running Travelers United (formerly Consumer Travel Alliance) in Washington, DC, for the past five years. I collaborated closely with the Department of Transportation (DOT) on shaping the current full-fare advertising rule. I was appointed to the Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protections as the consumer representative by the Secretary of Transportation. I have been working inside the system with congressional staff, testifying before both houses of Congress, coordinating with the aviation industry and working with regulators.

Remember when airlines advertised $19 fares — which, after taxes and mandatory fees were added, cost almost $50. And, international tickets once advertised for $65 actually cost $750 after taxes and fees? That ended a few years ago when government regulators added a reasonable full-fare advertising rule.

Now, Congress wants to void that rule.

Airlines have already bulldozed a proposed bill, bizarrely called the Transparent Airfare Act of 2014, through the House Transportation Committee with no comments, no debate and no consumer input.

Make no mistake: there's nothing "transparent" about this bill. It would effectively legalize airline bait-and-switch pricing, especially online, where most airline tickets are bought.

If the full-fare advertising rule goes "buh-bye," you lose. You'll think your airfares are cheaper than they are. You'll have a harder time comparison-shopping. And what's worse, these price shenanigans could spread to other businesses. Imagine being quoted $2 a gallon for your fuel but paying $4, instead?

Tell Congress to keep the current truth-in-advertising rule. Airlines shouldn't be allowed to lie about their prices. We like knowing how much something we buy actually costs — that's real transparency.


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    1. Thanks for Signing! Now help get input to the Department of Transportation

      Thanks you for signing our petition "Don't let airlines advertise deceptive pricing."

      In working with the Department of Transportation (DOT) on new regulations that will make purchasing airline tickets more transparent, we are reaching out to consumers to answer a survey about purchasing air transportation.

      These questions were suggested by the DOT and the Department requested consumer input.

      Please take this survey:

      This kind of consumer input into the rule-making process should help us purchase airline tickets based on the full cost of travel including airfares as well as extra airline fees.

      Thank you for your help.

    2. Let's keep the pressure on and send a message to Congress

      Thank you for joining our historic petition to stop Congress from allowing airlines to advertise deceptive prices. As the gears of Congress grind, we find ourselves at a point where the House of Representatives may be voting on this ill-advised bill next week just before the August recess.

      We need your help again.

      Please send this petition to another friend and ask them to sign on to our drive to keep truth in advertising alive as far as airline advertising goes. Already, our petition has been the most successful petition about a pending transportation bill in the history of the country. Let's make sure that Congress hears us.

      Also, please click here to learn more about joining Travelers United -- -- a charity non-profit that is working in Washington to better shape travel legislation and rulemaking for consumers. Plus, Travelers United runs the largest volunteer travel help desk in the country.

      Our petition shows that when travelers unite they can change the course of Congress.

      Again: Please get one more friend to sign onto our petition and click through to learn more about Travelers United --

      Together, we can make travel better.

      Thank you,
      Charlie Leocha
      Chairman, Travelers United

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    • Matt Wyckoff STILLWATER, OK
      • 21 days ago

      Pricing that only gives a cost that is well below the actual cost of the service is lying about the cost of it's service. It doesn't matter if there is a fee for the TSA that is charged to every airline, or a charge for the baggage handlers union, all those fees are the cost of the airline to do business at the airport you are buying the flight from and to. Those and all other fees need to be in the list price of the ticket. They are not fees that the airline does not know about, or doesn't have a price on, they merely are allowed to leave off those costs until after the purchase has been made and then tacked on.

    • Gabrielle Edison BOULDER, CO
      • 25 days ago

      Accuracy, fairness, transparency are all respectable qualities in any product-consumer relationship. Anything less than these characteristics fails the American public.

    • Cindy Haller LONGWOOD, FL
      • 25 days ago

      Transparency & honesty is consumerism is a good thing for all industries. No deceptive advertising. Thank you.

    • Roberta Gallant CONCORD, NH
      • 27 days ago

      Congress, please do not let airlines advertise deceptive prices anymore. Airlines should no longer advertise deceptive prices.

    • David Stotler MOUNT JOY, PA
      • about 1 month ago

      True and accurate pricing should be required for all products sold in the U.S.


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