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US President Obama and the leaders of the European Union

Start a Human Union now by issuing a Human Union Declaration

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      Lyndon Storey

      Kambah, Australia

We all share a common human identity yet our existing system of sovereign states pits the interests of our fellow humans against each other. Problems around the globe such as poverty, warfare and environmental degradation cannot be addressed properly until we move from our current system of competing states to a true human system, a Human Union.
The idea of a Human Union is a slowly growing group of states which observe agreed upon common values, such as democracy, human rights and environmental protection.  The simplest model is the European Union (EU) which grew from a small number of states.  But the proposed Human Union would  learn from the mistakes of the EU. It would be driven by direct democratic agreement. It would focus on steadily building a world political community before pushing ahead on particular issues.
We all share a common humanity. Almost any problem in the world today; poverty, hunger, warfare, environmental degradation, and so on. The main barrier to progress in any of these areas is the inability of different countries to co operate.  Until we truly value our common humanity and start to build a Human Union we will not be able to properly address many of the problems we face. More information at the Human Union Project website.
The UN does not require any common political standards or values of its members. It can include democracies and dictatorships amongst its members. That is why the UN has failed to build a world based on respect for human rights and democracy.  A Human Union would require members to uphold basic values in relation to human rights.
A Human Union can start straightaway. It does not require all countries to agree at first. It only requires one country, or the European Union, to issue a "Human Union Declaration" a declaration that it is willing to negotiate with others to start a Human Union. What is important is starting the process of building a Human Union.

Just one country, one world leader can start the ball rolling and inspire others to join a slowly growing Human Union. That is why this petition calls for you to make a Human Union Declaration on behalf of your own Country or in the case of EU leaders on behalf of  the EU, and start the process. Let the US declare it will start building a Human Union! Let the EU declare it will become a Human Union and start building a Human Union.

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    • Chuck Woolery ROCKVILLE, MD
      • almost 3 years ago

      One planet, one people, not many chances left to get it right. World federation or parish.

    • james m nordlund FARGO, ND
      • about 3 years ago

      I'm sure you mean in addition to the U.N. declaration of human rights. reality

    • Chris Hamer PESEUX, AUSTRALIA
      • about 3 years ago

      I support democratic global governance

    • Lyndon Storey KAMBAH, AUSTRALIA
      • about 3 years ago

      So many of the problems facing the world today can only be solved through global action. It is time to start building a human political community and human political system to enable us to move beyond the age of nation states and address the world's and humanity's problems


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