US hold firm against ever increasing Israeli settlements

US hold firm against ever increasing Israeli settlements

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      james m nordlund

      Fargo, ND

Conclusively, Israel's previous announcement of building new housing in East Jerusalem during Biden's visit was no accident:  it was a deliberate move to show that new settlements will be built regardless of US, and  American disapproval. Allowing them to get away with it will make it even more difficult to restart the peace process.  But, the even greater danger is that it will entrench the world view that the US is not sincerely committed to peace in the Middle East. Washington must put its foot down and stop the settlements expansion once and for all, or begin withdrawing our massive aid and uncritical support for Israel.  I urge the White House to stand firm, and Congress to cease meddling in the administration's conduct of foreign affairs; unless they support that position.

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    • tanya coen BOULDER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      because settlements are against international law and the palestinians deserve self determination!

    • Jeff Palm SEMINOLE, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      this whole DECADE of "lets fear the muslims" really needs to stop. We are the US, and although our economy might suck, we really don't need the middle east for ANYTHING. Oil is stupid and if our country got its head out of the ground we could be using wind and solar to better effect than any oil-production line could collectively muster.

      that said, as a gay man, why don't I get to protest and get VIOLENT ON A GLOBAL SCALE TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT every time some priest makes a youtube video saying im gonna go to hell and im a child rapist and whatever else they THINK all gay people are?

      yes, i realize not all of them are like that. but when a surmountable number of them DECIDES that its a great idea to "let the world know how angry we are that some guy in california said mohammed was a child molester by burning other people's things worldwide."

      and what is germany doing? pulling people out and apologizing. what is the US doing? pulling people out and apologizing.

      I'M OVER APOLOGIZING. I live in a country in which freedom of speech is SUPPOSED TO BE PRIZED. you dont like the californian kid who said your imaginary skydude is a bad person? GO ON 4CHAN AND QQ ABOUT IT.

      like everyone else who gets angry over stupid things.


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