U.S. Health and Human Services: No Funding for Groups With Ties to "Kill The Gays" Legislation
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U.S. Health and Human Services: No Funding for Groups With Ties to "Kill The Gays" Legislation

    1. Michael Jones
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      Michael Jones

      Boston, MA

Welcome to Jacksonville, Florida, where a federally-funded abstinence-only program taught to more than 50,000 students has some shady and scary ties to a Ugandan pastor who wants to see gay people locked up in jail forever or executed.

Andy Kopsa over at The Florida Independent has an amazing investigative piece looking at the organization Project SOS, an abstinence-only program founded in 1993 by a woman named Pam Mullarkey. Turns out Mullarkey has worked with and praised a pastor in Uganda who has been championing a piece of legislation known as the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. That pastor? Martin Ssempa, the religious leader who travels around the country showing graphic pornography to men, women and children in order to whip up anti-gay sentiment, and who has said that LGBT people in the country deserve to be locked up in prison for life, or sentenced to the death penalty.

Mullarkey currently sits on the board of Project SOS. And Proejct SOS, since 2002, has received upwards of $6 million in federal grant money, including a recent grant in September 2010 for over $400,000. This is unacceptable. The U.S. Health and Human Services Department should not be rewarding organizations that praise the work of leading anti-gay pastors in Uganda.

To make matters worse, Project SOS has a curriculum which has been documented as "unacceptable" by the American School Health Association, and misleading by the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States. Why is this organization receiving so much money from American taxpayers?

Send the U.S. Health and Human Service Department a message that they should not be funding groups like Project SOS.

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      Brie Cadman
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      Just in case the ongoing federal funding of ineffective abstinence-only education isn't enough to get your goat, here's another reason: in Florida, a prominent leader of one such abstinence-only program also supports Martin Ssempa, the religious...

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    • Amanda Floyd HERNANDO BEACH, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Since I live in Florida, I have to say this really disturbes me.

    • Rick Harris JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Thank you for starting this petition. We need more of you working to help keep people safe. Our children will not learn "correctly" about sex from those like Mrs Mullarkey, who did her best to stop safe sex education in ALL of Duval County (even to adults).

      It seems abusive to me to allow such "bullying", stereotyping to continue. Especially when you think of all the efforts being made now to "Stop Bullying". If adults continue to do it and the media continues to report it do not expect our children to not see through the duplicity.

      Even children with learning disabilities know when they are being singled out and treated in negative, unhealthy ways (as seen by the brave young man who testified before Congress about how it made him feel when he was being "bullied").

      You have a choice, become part of the solution or remain part of the problem. There is no middle ground. Allowing others to publicly express hatred and bigotry based on any single characteristic while hiding behind an "organization" like SOS is another.

      You have to wonder what is the true motive here? What is the hidden agenda? Would Mrs.. Mullarkey let her own child be imprisoned or put to death for being gay.

      From a gay south Georgia born man who was verbally, religiously, emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually assaulted until he left home in his late teens. Most of which now accounts for my permanent disabilities after two careers in Healthcare.

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      • over 3 years ago

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    • daryl heimsness SEATTLE, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      SHAME ON THEM !!!

    • Courtney DesForge ORLANDO, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      We should not allow any group of people to support the genocide of any other group of people! I'm more shocked that a Ugandan Pastor who should know the pure agony of genocide would prefer our world just kill off every homosexual! How is that any different from what Hitler did or what is happening in Africa now? I'm a Christian who is outraged by those who feel it is ok to judge and damn others for thier sexual orientation!


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