US government surveillance torture program
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US government surveillance torture program

    1. Charles Daeda
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      Charles Daeda

      Kennesaw, GA

The US government surveillance program is a very hidden secret. The average US citizen knows nothing about the program and how it effects their daily lives. The US government has granted legal protections to phone and internet companies to make them subpoena proof. US citizens can find out nothing. Department of Defense surveillance capabilities is under the control of the US congress or elements within their power structure and it is used to pry into the personal business of all Americans in secret. The super wealthy in this country have access to this program. They use it to protect their wealth plus enhance their business success against competitors and suppress average citizens whom may be trouble some to the super wealthy. Individual citizens are totally powerless against the US government surveillance program. An excellent author by the name of James Bamford has written a number of books on the subject. Reference the following books:

The Puzzle Palace:  ISBN: 0140067485 ; Secret Intelligence Organization: ISBN: 0140231161 ; Body of Secrets: ISBN: 0385499086 ; Pretext for War: ISBN: 140003034X.

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