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Sponser Unemployed families without funds for Christmas

    1. Shasta  Diggs
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      Shasta Diggs

      Woodland, CA

The economy has shattered and our families have become desperate to provide for their families. Americans are no longer able to provide their children and their families with Christmas presents and a sense of pride. It has become a national problem that does not affect just low income families anymore. It affects everyone. This Change needs to show the government that they need to find ways to have every member of Congress, Senate and all politicians to assist with their local communities and help those in need during the holiday season due to the economy.

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    • Amy Wilson BEACH, ND
      • almost 3 years ago

      For my husband who lost his son due to unemployment, for my stepson who spent 4 Christmases waking up to an empty tree wondering why Santa didn't like him.


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