US Government: Give Americans the ability to discharge student loans in Ch 7 bankruptcy
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US Government: Give Americans the ability to discharge student loans in Ch 7 bankruptcy

    1. Ana Madani
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      Ana Madani

      Cleves, OH

Thousands of American citizens need to be able to discharge student loans in Chapter 7 bankruptcy - no exceptions, no fine print, no ifs, ands, or buts. Income-based repayment plans are touted as a panacea, but hardly anyone qualifies for them (your loans are too old, you consolidated your loans, name an excuse, any excuse). Loan forgiveness options are so limited that, again, hardly anyone qualifies for them.
Elizabeth Warren's proposal will only help people who are just starting college now. Those of us who need help the most - the ones who have been unemployed for 10 years and can only watch helplessly as interest accrues - don't qualify for the lower rate.
Is bankruptcy a radical option? Sure. But it's one a lot of us need.

US Government, The White House
Give Americans the ability to discharge student loans in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Too many citizens are being crushed by unemployment, high interest rates and no hope of ever repaying any of it because of government policies.

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    2. Elizabeth Warren's Bank on Students Campaign

      Ana Madani
      Petition Organizer

      Sadly, Ms. Warren's good intentions are misguided. The issue isn't just affecting new graduates. Those of us with older loans are enduring 8% or higher interest rates, which result in payments we can't possibly afford. This problem is made worse by the interest, which continues to accumulate, resulting in even more un-affordable monthly minimum payments. What we really need is the consumer protections available to virtually all other loans except student loans. Is it really fair to offer 0.75% interest rates to new graduates, but not those of us who have been crushed by student debt for years? Of course not! We need bankruptcy protections for student loans, now more than ever. Please help spread the word.

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    4. Texted the President

      Ana Madani
      Petition Organizer

      A group called has set up a system for people to text President Obama with their student loan questions. If you want to ask why there are no consumer protections for student loan borrowers, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy, please chime in. To get started, send a text to 38383. You'll get a reply, and then you can text your question. I've already sent mine in three time. I'm not at all surprised that I got no answer, but if more people send texts asking the same thing, maybe we won't be ignored anymore. I say it's worth a try. How about you? is one of the largest organizations in the US for teens and social change.

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    • Elizabeth Jones BALTIMORE, MD, MD
      • 5 months ago

      Despite being unemployed personally for nearly 3 months, and my husband being unemployed for more than 2 years and a daughter in high school I didn't qualify for a reduction in monthly payments, forbearance or any assistance at all. Students should be able to discharge their loans. If we can bail out the banks we can bail out our hard working students.

    • Rod Poole FREMONT, NE
      • 11 months ago

      The last 20+ years of my life have been hard to get anything going because of student loans and the interest

    • Pamela Disel LIHUE, HI
      • about 1 year ago

      Because I'm a Sallie Mae hostage and they aren't what I signed up for when I agreed to the loan. They changed from helping students to helping the CEO. Disgusting and unprofessional company that students should be protected from.

    • Brooke Taskila BROWN CITY, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      I hope this will cover government AND private student loans. Also, what about people with disabilities? They will seemingly never be able to pay off their student loan debt nor get ahead in life. This is wrong. I still believe education should be 100% FREE. It works fine for other countries. Shut out the patriotic biases and do your research, people.

    • Christine Curlee LECLAIRE, IA
      • over 1 year ago

      I have twins that are starting High School this year and it is scary to read all this when they are just years away from making the decision to continue with their education. We (parents) will do our best to help them financially, but there is no way we can pay for all on a single income family pay.


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