Recognized other countries copyright laws on Food and Drink
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Recognized other countries copyright laws on Food and Drink

    1. Nadine Clement
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      Nadine Clement

      Newbury, NH

Have you ever had champagne or Kobe beef? Well if you have had it in America no actually you haven't. Turns out that the USA is notorious for not signing copyright laws of other countries foods and drinks so we have fake foods of lower quality floating around.

Now why am I upset about this personally? Well first off I hate it when companies are allowed to lie and take advantage of people but my main reason is because I believe that a country that can take such a strong stand on copyright laws on music and movies (the stuff we produce by the way) we should have just as strong of a stance on things other countries find important. I don't want to have to look at a bottle of champagne closely to see whether or not it is made in the US, I don't want to see companies saying they have Kobe beef when Japanese beef has not been allowed into the country for two years and Kobe Beef can only be made in Japan.

To read more about other foods being affected please read the article in Forbes about this

Sign to get the US government to recognize other countries copy right laws on food and drink and stop watering down quality starting with the treaty of Madrid 1891.


The Petition Letter is as follows: 

The United States of America has taken huge steps to protecting copyright information of the creativity industries of the United States but has failed to do so in regards to other countries prized possessions. Having champagne, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Cognac, San Marzano tomatoes and Kobe Beef made in the United States is an appalling way to treat ceremonies of other countries. 

The United States is upset with the creative copyrights of other countries on movies and music but how can we be upset about those things when our country has been doing ignoring copyrights for hundreds of years to other countries products? 

We, the undersign, want to recognized the creative copy right that countries have to their products by signing Geographic Indications, starting with the Treaty of Madrid in 1891. 

The government should not allow companies to lie their consumers and by doing so I lose a little bit of faith in my government for allowing this practice to go on for so long.  Please correct this travesty and bring up the United States on the world stage.  The United States should protect it's consumers and the rights of other countries. 

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    • Lora Elstad LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      It's no wonder other countries secretly & not so secretly don't respect America. I love my country, but we act like we are superior to everyone else & can do whatever we want. Our government lies to it's own people & we live in our little bubble, cut off from true exposure to things from other countries, unless we actually go there. We need to think of ourselves as just 1 of the global community. We need to know what is really going on in other places around us. We will never learn it this way. I don't appreciate the masquerade. It is blatantly wrong to say something is the same product another country makes, but have it made here, & differently, often of less quality than the original countries would make it. We should also find something we're known for that is better than just entertainment (which I love & appreciate). Real products that are worth something & good for people.

    • Fred Krohn RICHMOND, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Recognising legitimate copyright is fine; I detest and refuse to support 'copy protection' scams.


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