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Expedite the Adoption Tax Credit due to US families for tax year 2010.

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      Lynn Haven, FL

US families who adopt children are promised tax credits. For tax year 2010, the IRS offered tax REFUNDS instead. But adoptive families were required to file by paper rather than electronically - and are required to provide additional proof of adoption expenses even after attaching proof to our tax returns. Proof of expenses varies from family to family and from IRS officer to officer. We would like the US Congress to be aware and take action to assist us in expediting payment of credits due to us.

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    • Aaron and Elizabeth Sautter NORTH MANKATO, MN
      • about 3 years ago

      We have had several unexpected expenses this spring/summer and are at the end of our available credit. We really need that money to pay off some bills and reduce our debt. We just can't get caught up on things when we've got the adoption expenses to pay off, plus child care and medical care expenses (let alone just paying our mortgage and putting food on the table.) I wish the IRS would get their act together.

    • Diann Shields DRAPER, UT
      • about 3 years ago

      This is taking a great deal of time and is hurting our family.


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