We urge the US Army Corps of Engineers and US House of Representatives to fully fund the Rahway River Flood Mitigation Study and plan for 2015 implementation
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US Army Corps of Engineers; US House of Representatives

We urge the US Army Corps of Engineers and US House of Representatives to fully fund the Rahway River Flood Mitigation Study and plan for 2015 implementation

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      Citizens for Rahway River Flood Mitigation Now

Our communities from Millburn to Rahway, New Jersey faced significant damages from Rahway River flooding and Hurricane Irene. Most predict extreme weather patterns will result in a next storm sooner than later. Over $100 million in damages in the region  impacted towns like Millburn, Union, Springfield, Cranford,Kenilworth and Rahway adversely. Cranford had 1600 homes damaged.  We are grateful for the US Army Corps of Engineers and NJ DEP for their professionalism and the study has made great progress narrowing alternatives to one that will provide meaningful flood mitigation. The Mayors Council Rahway River Watershed Flood Control  is urging that full funding now is needed to finalize the study and move to implementation.  Neighbors should sign the petition to urge the US Congress and the US Army Corps of Engineers to fully fund what is required.  Estimates include the project could lower peak storm elevations in Millburn by 2.6 feet and in Cranford by 3.3 feet.  No project will resolve flooding but this action is meaningful.  

US Army Corps of Engineers; US House of Representatives
We urge the US Army Corps of Engineers and US House of Representatives to fully fund the Rahway River Flood Mitigation Study and plan for 2015 implementation

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    1. Because of your help---

      September 12, 2014

      Mayors’ Council Gets Broad Support for Rahway River Flood Control Project from New Jersey Lawmakers in DC

      The Mayors’ Council Rahway River Watershed Flood Control went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to press their case for funding of the Rahway River Basin Flood Risk Management Study and to present a petition signed by residents from Rahway to Millburn in support of the project. The Mayors met with Senators Robert Menendez and Cory Booker, Representatives Leonard Lance and Don Payne, Jr and the office of Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen. The Mayors received the full support of all the offices which have already been in touch with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in support of funding for the project that will ultimately find the solution to address the chronic flooding along the Rahway River.

      “I fully understand the urgency to complete this study and appreciate your efforts in working with the Army Corps and NJDEP to narrow down the potential alternatives,” Sen. Menendez said to the mayors during a meeting on Capitol Hill. “This is my highest priority for the Army Corps to fully fund the feasibility study.”

      “As a former Mayor, I know firsthand the devastation that flooding brings on cities,” said Sen. Booker. During my meeting with the Mayors’ Council, they passionately advocated for federal assistance to mitigate flooding in their towns. The chronic overflowing of the Rahway River has closed roads and devastated businesses and homes. I look forward to working with the Army Corps and my colleagues in Congress to make sure we get the funding needed to find the solution to address this problem.”

      “I was very pleased that the Mayors Council came to Capitol Hill to advocate for this issue, and I believe that we had a productive, positive meeting,” said Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr. “Hurricane Irene not only caused immense amount of damage throughout the state of New Jersey, it also served as a warning of things to come if we do not find ways to improve the Rahway River basin. It is with this in mind, that I strongly believe that completing the Rahway River Basin Flood Risk Management Feasibility Study is essential. Failure to act will open up our local constituents, homes, businesses, and infrastructure to greater risk. I fully support the Rahway River Basin Risk Management Feasibility Study, and I commend the Rahway Mayors Council of New Jersey for their hard work and dedication.”

      “Completing this project is vital to these municipalities and we will continue to work across all levels of government to see it through,” said Lance, the federal representative for several of the affected towns. “The project has strong merits and this prolonged process leaves thousands of residences, businesses and infrastructure in the towns and counties in the Rahway River basin vulnerable to more flooding and more clean-up costs as a result of future storms.”

      The Mayors’ Council stated “We believe the full funding of the flood mitigation study is the number one priority and we thank our federal representatives for their support to lead effort.”

      In addition to meeting with the Members of the New Jersey Congressional delegation, the Mayors’ Council also met with Mark Mazzanti, Chief of the USACE Civil Works Program to discuss the importance of funding this flood control project and keeping the study on pace so that the residents and businesses in the region can soon be better protected from flooding in future weather events.

      The Mayors’ Council is very pleased with the action that the Senators and Congressmen have taken so far to support this project and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure steady progress on the project.

      The meeting attendees on behalf of the Mayors’ Council include

      Andy Kalnins, Mayor, Cranford Township
      Lisa Adubato, Deputy Mayor, Cranford Township
      Thomas Hannen, Former Mayor and Commissioner, Cranford Township
      Clifton People, Mayor, Township of Union
      Ron Manzella, Union Township Administrator
      Sam Stienman Mayor, City of Rahway
      Jorge Casalins, Administrative Assistant, City of Rahway
      Kathy Leventhal, Deputy Mayor, Maplewood Township
      David Barnett, Deputy Mayor, Township of Springfield
      Leo Coakley, Lead Engineer, Hatch Mott Mac Donald
      Dan Aschenbach, Former Mayor, Mayors’ Council Rahway River Watershed, Cranford Township
      /Users/danaschenbach/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Masters/2014/09/12/20140912-182811/Image.jpg

    2. Reached 1,500 signatures
    3. Your voice is needed now more than ever

      We reached over 1000 citizens who have signed the petition to urge the Us Army Corps of Engineers to fully fund the completion of the Rahway River flood mitigation study. We are continuing to gather support so please ask neighbors and friends to sign if they haven't done so. Or please send your letter or email urging full funding to the US Congress; New Jersey Legislature and US Army Corps of Engineers. The addresses can be found in a recent update shown below.
      On September 10, many Mayors from the impacted communities will be taking the petition and your comments and presenting them to Senator Menendez, Senator Booker, Congressman Lance and Congressman Payne. Also to the House Budget Subcommittee Chairman NJ Congressman Frelinghuysen.
      Thanks for your efforts to date and additional support now will be key.

    4. Reached 1,000 signatures
    5. Your support has just begun more help is needed!

      Please ask friends and neighbors to sign petition and then to:

      Write and tell your concerns to:
      Congressman Leonard Lance-425 North Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090
      Congressman Donald Payne-14th Floor, 60 Nelson Place, Newark, New Jersey 07102
      Senator Corey Booker-One Gateway Center, 23rd Floor, Newark, New Jersey 07102
      Senator Robert Menendez, One Gateway Center, Suite 1100, Newark, New Jersey 07102
      Write the US Army Corps of Engineers: Jo-ellen Darcy, Assist. Sec. of Army, US Army Corps
      of Engineers, 441 G Street, Washington DC

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    7. Please consider informing others about signing petition. Thanks.

      Star Ledger NJ.com
      Mayors Council Rahway River Watershed Flood Control in support of federal funding
      Suburban News By Suburban News
      on July 27, 2014 at 11:46 AM, updated July 27, 2014 at 11:48 AM
      A major step in the effort to gain flood mitigation by the Mayors Council Rahway River Watershed Flood Control took place this week with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACES) agreement to narrow the alternatives and focus the final stages of the evaluation on the Alternative 4 and Alternative 7A.
      The USACES had evaluated ten different alternatives including the development of a South Mountain detention basin before narrowing the alternatives.
      In a letter from the NJ DEP to the USACES, the DEP recommended to proceed with alternatives 4 and 7A and the USACES has begun the next phase which is to optimize the benefits derived from the proposed project. Alternative 4 is estimated to lower river water elevations by 2.6 feet in Millburn and 3.4 feet in Cranford and benefit other communities in region. The project is estimated to have the strongest benefit cost ratio of structural flood mitigation solutions that were evaluated.
      Alternative 4 would modify the Orange Reservoir in South Mountain to permit the reservoir to be drained several days before a major storm thus providing storage capacity for peak storms. In addition the alternative includes either improvements in Lenape Basin in Kenilworth or channel improvements in Cranford.
      The Mayors Council is now asking citizens to ask that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to make the Rahway River Flood Mitigation Plan a priority. That citizens contact their Congressmen to advocate for the full funding to complete the evaluation in 2014. The Mayors Council will be meeting with the New Jersey congressional delegation in September for that purpose. An online petition has also begun to gather signatures at Change.org
      The Mayors Council is represented by the Mayor Robert Tillotson of Millburn, Mayor Victor Deluca of Maplewood, Mayor Clifton People of Union, Mayor Richard Huber of Springfield, Mayor Andis Kalnins of Cranford, Mayor Scott Klinder of Kenilworth and Mayor Samson Steinman of Rahway. The organization was formed after Irene in October 2011 at Union County College and has worked cooperatively with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to evaluate ten flood mitigation alternatives.

    8. Petition to USACES has begun to gather support

      A regional debate came to consensus on the flood mitigation plan that would work. Estimates are significant flood mitigation. But the funding is critical now to finalize the recommendation to US Congress. Your signature was very important and now if you can get your neighbors; friends; Facebook or twitter contacts and reach out to urge support. Elected officials plan to present the petition to our US federal representatives and the US Army Corps of Engineers in the next month. Your comments and the more citizens to support the stronger the voice will be. Thanks.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Gene Jannotti GARWOOD, NJ
      • about 6 hours ago

      To avoid flooding in Cranford that then caused power to be knocked out in Garwood

    • Marcia Meehan GARWOOD, NJ
      • about 21 hours ago

      Live in area that is affected by the flooding.

    • Marie Deering RAHWAY, NJ
      • 3 days ago

      I live in a flood zone and have suffered loss, due to flooding

    • Karen Zeliff WOODBRIDGE, NJ
      • 5 days ago

      I work in Clark, NJ and my friends live in that area

    • Andrew Goldberg SPRINGFIELD, NJ
      • 5 days ago

      Like thousands of other Union County residents, I live only blocks away from the Rahway River. My area, like most of the others, saw Hurricane Irene bring the Rahway River down our street, through our backyards and into our homes. The neighborhoods along the river boast some of the oldest and nicest homes in the area; generations of families have put their hearts, hard work and capital into these houses to turn them into homes. After all the devastation here from Irene, it would be a tragedy to see the history in these homes wiped out from another storm, which, at this point, is only inevitable. Please help mitigate the risk of Rahway River flooding, and help us protect these beautiful old homes, and everything they stand for.


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