Urgent: Tell the EPA to Protect Americans from Dioxin
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Urgent: Tell the EPA to Protect Americans from Dioxin

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Dioxin, an industrial byproduct, is one of the most toxic chemicals ever discovered. Initial EPA research showed that the cancer risk to humans from dioxin exposure was by far the highest discovered for any chemical by any government agency anywhere in the world.

Now the EPA is about to issue new guidelines for regulating the cleanup of dioxin in the United States. Dioxin travels through the air from industrial sites and ends up polluting our food and bodies. Over 1,700 people have already written to the EPA asking for strict regulations that will help keep us safe.

But just recently, at the request of Dow Chemical and the American Chemistry Council, the EPA announced that it will extend the public comment period on their proposed cleanup guidelines for Dioxin to Friday April 2.

We can’t let the chemical industry convince the EPA to adopt weak and unsafe dioxin cleanup guidelines. Send a letter to the EPA and tell them to stand up to the chemical industry and protect our health.


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