URGENT: Save Research Monkeys & Beagles from Death
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URGENT: Save Research Monkeys & Beagles from Death

    1. Carin Zellerman
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      Carin Zellerman

      Stockholm, Sweden

Hundreds of beagles and monkeys will be killed at the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute as a result of a financial setback. Reportedly, the LRRI lost a contract and is no longer in need of the animals. According to a whistleblower who contacted Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN), the monkey slaughter began on Monday July 11th, with 30 monkeys being killed each day. The beagles are next.

Please ask the LRRI management team to release the animals to sanctuaries and rescue groups !

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      Stephanie Feldstein
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      When you sign the petition, the targets receive your email, but they need to keep hearing from you. Call the main line at (505) 348-9400 and email the President and CEO at rwrubin@lrri.org. For a full list of numbers/emails, check out the link.

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    • Judith Pecho CORRALES, NM
      • about 3 years ago

      This is in Albuquerque, from what I know. They were sited for many violations in the treatment of animals. It is a huge facility and they are government contractors, so it is surprising they lost their contract. Why must animals suffer so humans can have jobs? That is the crux of the issue. Experiments on animals cannot be applied to humans without great risk, since we are not the same species. It has been a known fact for a long while.

      We must protect all life on this planet. Monkey, beagles, apes, you name them, they all are sentient beings and have the same range of emotions as humans. In fact they are proving to be much more intelligent than ever expected. Please stop torture of animals in laboratories for financial gain or medical experimentation for students. It is science fiction activity, as these poor beings suffer so much and long for many of the same things that give us comfort. Please end animal experimentation and look for homes for these monkeys and beagles. There are many sanctuaries that will take them.

      What kind of people can exact such torture on animals and yet be gentle caring parents???

    • Mary Masters GRAY, KY
      • about 3 years ago

      Release these animals to rescues or volunteers who would foster them.

    • myraida diaz SAN JUAN
      • about 3 years ago

      Please cross post.Send every corner of the world.They need all the rescues and pro life institutions they can get!

    • toni harrison-kahn E.SUSSEX, UNITED KINGDOM
      • about 3 years ago

      very antiquated now there are alternatives available....for God's sake use them and leave our animals alone...I don't think God had experimentation in mind when he made the animals, or the abuse that they suffer through man's hands. Please have a heart, end this horrendous action Now.

    • Laurie Miner BRATTLEBORO, VT
      • about 3 years ago

      There are rescue groups and sanctuaries for these poor animals that are now being killed after suffering through "research."

      I would like my research conducted on a species of my own - humans - through "humane" trials. I'm not a dog or a monkey!


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