URGENT! Protect horses now! Require Rains Natural Meats to apply for a site-specific waste water permit that is open for public comment and a public hearing.
  • Petitioned Sara Parker Pauley, MO Dept of Natural Resources

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MO Dept of Natural Resources
Sara Parker Pauley, MO Dept of Natural Resources

URGENT! Protect horses now! Require Rains Natural Meats to apply for a site-specific waste water permit that is open for public comment and a public hearing.

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      Missouri Coalition to Protect Horses and Communities

January 2014


From Petition Organizer: Fantastic news! The Department of Natural Resources has DENIED Rains Natural Meats the amended permit they requested.

Thanks to all of you who signed and shared our petition! We couldn't have done this without you!

Several University studies have shown that equine process waste water can contain several veterinary drugs that do not degrade in a waste water treatment plant or in the environment if the waste water is land applied.

If Rains processes equine and sends its waste water to the local treatment plant, it is likely these veterinary drugs will not be treated by the plant and will be discharged into the local watershed.  Also, if Rains collects its equine waste water in a lagoon and then applies the waste water to a nearby field, it is likely these veterinary drugs will be released into the environment.

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    1. Rains dismisses appeal, has another application in the works.

      Rains Natural Meats dismissed their case against the MO DNR, but we learned they have an amended permit application filed with the agency and they are waiting for a new decision based on it.

      We still need more signatures! Please continue to share this petition with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. Horses are given drugs throughout their lives that are not recorded, including drugs specifically banned by the FDA for use in animals for food, and those drugs will inevitably end up in our lakes, streams and rivers. Horse slaughter is not only a tragic ending for a horse, it's dangerous for humans and our environment, too.

      The Department of Natural Resources has until January 25th to take action on the amended permit- time is of the essence! Take action today to help protect our horses and our planet.

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    • Myra Wipfler MORRISON, MO
      • 5 months ago

      Why should U.S. horses be slaughtered and the waste water from the slaughter house contaminate our environment just to satisfy the market for horse meat in another country and make a few companies a profit? Many sellers are tricked when selling their horse and it ends up on the slaughter truck. Horse slaughter is barbaric and the horses are treated inhumanely before they are killed, suffering sometimes for days.

    • Brenda Berger LIBERTY, MO
      • 5 months ago

      Let the horses live, but stop the breeding of so many. This causes to many with not enough people to care for them. People then don't want them because they get fired, get tired of taking care of them, they get to old, they move, the kid is allergic, blah, blah, blah.....We need to take care of the horses, no slaughter them....comeone people is money the only thing that matters here? If you say yes, you arre a greedy SOB......and evil. We were sent her to care for others and the animals.....think about that!

    • Karen Cunningham BROOKFIELD, MO
      • 9 months ago

      Rains claims they love horses. The only reason they claim this is for financial greed. How can you slaughter something you say you love? This is America and we DON'T eat horses. I'm ashamed to say I'm from MO. You're disgusting to say the least.

    • Mary Lynn Ritchey AUBUTN, MA
      • 9 months ago

      Horses are domestic animals that have traditionally been treated as pets, like dogs and cats. They have established close bonds with humans and do not expect to be eaten by them. Also, wild horses are part of our nation's heritage and should be protected, not slaughtered.

    • sandra auman ORANGEVILLE, PA
      • 9 months ago

      very noble creatures. they deserve much much better from humans


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