Urge Your Senators to Extend the TANF Emergency Fund NOW
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Urge Your Senators to Extend the TANF Emergency Fund NOW

    1. Kathryn Baer
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      Kathryn Baer

      Washington, DC

The TANF Emergency Contingency Fund has been helping states provide basic assistance, subsidized jobs and short-term benefits to the growing number of families who've fallen into poverty because of the recession.

The fund will expire on September 30 unless Congress extends it. But Congress mustn't wait that long because state legislatures will soon be making budget decisions for their upcoming fiscal years, most of which begin on July 1. Cutbacks in TANF programs are likely unless states know they'll still have the Emergency Fund to draw on.

The Senate will soon act on the overdue extensions to unemployment benefits and health insurance subsidies. It could--and should--include the Emergency Fund extension in this package.

Tell your Senators that you want them to extend and expand the TANF Emergency Fund now.

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