Urge the UK Government to Help "Iraqi LGBT" Save Lives
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Urge the UK Government to Help "Iraqi LGBT" Save Lives

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      Michael Jones

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Iraqi LGBT -- one of the only international groups working to help LGBT people inside Iraq -- is being blocked from doing a major part of their advocacy work because the government of the United Kingdom has not given Iraqi LGBT's leader, Ali Hili, asylum. It's time to urge the UK Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, and the government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown to prioritize Ali's case and work to make sure that Iraqi LGBT can continue to do the necessary work to save lives of LGBT people inside Iraq.  Below is a plea from Iraqi LGBT. If you agree, sign this petition and send a message to Secretary Johnson.


The UK government through its Border Agency has decided not to give priority to the asylum application of Iraqi LGBT leader Ali Hili, in exile in London. The application has been outstanding for nearly three years and while it is outstanding, Ali cannot travel.

This decision directly impacts not just on Ali but on harshly persecuted Iraqi lesbians and gays through the reduced ability of their sole visible leader to raise their profile internationally.

As UK activist Peter Tatchell said, "Mr Hili was also the person who set up the 'underground railroad' and safe houses inside Iraq, to give refuge to LGBT people on the run from Islamist death squads and to provide escape routes to neighbouring countries - which saved the lives of many Iraqi LGBTs."

Shouldn't Hili be rewarded for this brave work? Instead, he's mired in the bureaucracy of government. It's time to urge the UK government to act now to process Ali's asylum application.

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