Urge The Kentucky Parole Board to Keep "Cat Killer" (Russell Swigart) Behind Bars!
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Urge The Kentucky Parole Board to Keep "Cat Killer" (Russell Swigart) Behind Bars!

    1. Bridgett  Wright
    2. Petition by

      Bridgett Wright

      Northern Kentucky, KY

February 2011


In 2008, Russell Swigart broke into Bridgett Wright's home and killed her two cats. Swigart, who had a history of using violence against animals to threaten women, became the first person in Kentucky charged with felony animal torture. Less than 2.5 years into his sentence, Swigart was up for parole. Wright, refusing to live in fear, started a petition on Change.org, hoping to gather 1,000 signatures of support to keep Swigart behind bars. Only a few weeks later, she walked into her victim's hearing with over 15,700 signatures. The parole board honored Wright's request and denied Swigart's parole with the maximum 2-year deferment.

Russell Swigart is up for parole in February, after serving 2 years and 5 months of a 12 year prison sentence.  He pled guilty in 2008, for 2nd degree Breaking & Entering and 2 counts of animal torture under Romeo's Law for stabbing 2 pet cats to death.  (10 yrs. for B&E and 2 yrs. for animal torture)

My name is Bridgett Wright and I am the victim in this case.  Swigart broke into my Lakeside Park condo, after sending me threatening texts that he "wanted me dead."  He was armed with an 11 inch Buck Knife.  I was out of town on a last minute business trip. When he saw I was not home, he took out his rage on two of the most important things in my life--Mr. Frank and Piggy.  These were cats I adopted at birth & loved for nearly 8 years.  Swigart then texted me saying, "You should get home and clean up the mess.  Piggy & Frank have seen better days.  I just stabbed your cats to death.  Piggy put up a good fight, but Frank went out like a b****."  I called the police & alerted my family.  Driving home, from 3 hours away, was torture in itself.  The only information confirmed by police, was that my home had in fact been violated.  I didn’t know for sure if they were dead until I arrived home. It was the worst night of my life.  When he does get out of jail—I will live in fear of this man.

Russell Swigart has a long history of stalking/threatening women and torturing or killing their pets.  There are at least 5 other known women with pets that he has victimized.  Swigart is mentally unstable and a danger to society.  He needs to be stopped before he kills a person.  I desperately need the support of all animal lovers and concerned citizens to urge The Kentucky Parole Board to deny his parole and make him “SERVE OUT” the remaining 10 years of his sentence!  Please give your support by signing this petition today!!

The Kenton County Prosecuter, Justin Sanders, who prosecuted this case was quoted in the Kentucky Enquirer saying, "It is not unreasonable to believe that (Swigart) may even be a serial killer in the making," on January 26, 2011

I have a victim’s hearing on February 14th and need to raise at least 1,000 signatures before then.  Please help!!  Pass this along—together we can reach this goal! 


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    1. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      I am pleased to announce----The Kentucky Parole Board honored my request & denied Russell Swigart's Parole today!! I was not able to get a "Serve Out" of his sentence, but will receive 2 years of peace until he is up for parole again. Thanks to everyone who signed my petition and raised support for my cause! I am moved by the number of signatures that were collected in such a short time! A special thanks to & Stephanie Feldstein for their support & guidance!

    2. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      I spoke today at my Victim's Hearing, in Frankfort, KY... I won't have an answer from the Parole Board until they hear Swigart speak at his Inmate Hearing tomorrow at Northpoint Training Center in Burgin, KY. I will keep everyone posted.... Thanks for you on-going support!

    3. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      I am so pleased to have made it to 15,000! THANK YOU to EVERYONE who signed and promoted my cause. I appreciate your efforts!

    4. Reached 15 signatures
    5. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      110 signatures to go to reach 15,000 .... I'm so gracious for all of the caring people helping me in my fight! I'm drawing on everyone's strength.--and there IS strength in NUMBERS! Great work everyone!!

    6. Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      The hearing is Monday, February 14th ... Please help Bridgett reach 15,000 signatures before then!

    7. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Have 3 more days to get to 15,000 signatures!!! Please spread the word to friends who may have forgotten to sign...

    8. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Rapidly approaching 14,000 signatures! Everyone's support and interest in my case is so touching & is helping me battle forward.... Preparing for my Victim's Hearing has been so consuming and draining, but I feel the genuine concern of people from around the world & take great comfort in knowing I AM NOT ALONE IN MY FIGHT. This shows me that there ARE so many good people out there! Bless all of you...

    9. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      There has been nearly 3,000 signatures today... I never dreamed I would attain numbers like these! Thanks to everyone out there working so hard for me, Frank, & Piggy! Still have 5 FULL days to go...

    10. Reached 12 signatures
    11. Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      Check out the latest article on this campaign:

      Please keep spreading the word. The hearing is less than a week away!

    12. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Just passed the 10,000 mark!!!! I'm all smiles.... :)

    13. Reached 10 signatures
    14. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      I am overwhelmed by the support of the Animal Legal Defense Fund!!!!! I appreciate your valiant efforts!! Nearly 2,000 signatures in 2 hours! This is unbelievable... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

    15. Reached 7 signatures
    16. Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks to Animal Legal Defense Fund for helping spread the word! For information on how to also mail a letter to the parole board, check out:

    17. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      5,500... My supporters are incredible!! One week to go....

    18. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      The support continues!..... 5,200! Thank you everyone!!

    19. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      5,000 STRONG!!

    20. Reached 5 signatures
    21. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer

      4,500 Signatures all standing behind me saying, "Mr. Frank & Piggy's Life DID mean something!" They are my little angels and saved my life that night. I would do anything if I could bring them back. Their love lives on & this petition is proof of that! Please keep spreading the word & help me get justice for my little ones.

    22. Reached 4 signatures
    23. Bridgett  Wright
      Petition Organizer


    24. Domestic Violence Victim Fights Parole for Serial Pet-Killer

      Alex DiBranco
      Petition Organizer

      When Bridgett Wright decided to end a relationship with Russell Swigart, he started bombarding her with threatening text messages. Then, one day, Swigart broke into Bridgett's Kentucky home, wielding a large hunting knife. He didn't find Bridgett,...

    25. Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      Check out the news coverage of Bridgett's story on NBC 5:


    Reasons for signing

    • Kara Kapelnikov MARINA DEL REY, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      YAY! we won!!!! just put up another petition for this in 2 years and u can count on my signature being one of the first on it!

    • Rachael Young BIG RAPIDS, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      I'm so happy for you, Bridgett! I'm also terribly sorry for your loss. If you need help in two years' time I will definitely be here!

    • Mary-Elise Sheets BURKE, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      Yay!!! I'm SO happy for you, Bridgett, and I know that your two fur-angels are looking down on you and sharing in your victory! :) Please do let us know whenever you need our help again!

    • Kim Taylor HILLSDALE, MI
      • over 3 years ago

      We are all so happy. I'm glad this guy wasn't let out; he's a bully and could have the chance to escalate to a murderer if released. We will all gladly sign another petition in 2 more years to keep this jerk from getting out on parole. Congratulations :)

    • Anne Franklin OCCOQUAN, VA
      • over 3 years ago

      Congratulations! So glad you'll have a few more years of peace. Let us know whenever you need more help, we'll be here for you!


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