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  • Petitioned Urge the Dalai Lama to Speak Out Against the Massacre of Muslims in Burma

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Urge the Dalai Lama to Speak Out Against the Massacre of Muslims in Burma

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    1. Daniel Tutt
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      Daniel Tutt

      Washington, DC

The Dalai Lama is one of the world's most important moral voices today. He must speak out against the acts of the Burmese government, many of whom are Buddhists. Amnesty International has received "credible reports of human rights abuses against Rohingyas and other Rakhine Muslims– including physical abuse, rape, destruction of property, and unlawful killings – carried out by both Rakhine Buddhists and security forces."

The Dalai Lama must use his international power to speak out against the killing of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma, by urging the democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi to strengthen her calls for protecting the rights of ethnic minorities in Burma. The Dalai Lama must insist that the Rohingyas receive the same rights as all other Burmese citizens, and he must call for an end to indiscriminate killing of the Rohingyas people immediately.

Read more about the human rights abuses occurring in Burma:


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    • nancy albert SAN JUAN
      • about 2 years ago

      The Dalai Lama should speak for compassion for ALL human kind, no matter what their country or religion. It is the right thing to do. Is compassion dead even in this holy man? If not, he will spare the Rohingya a little compassion and speak up for them. The politics do not matter. The religion does not matter. They are suffering. Without compassion, Buddhism is nothing.

    • mohamed n INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      cos its against humanity

    • Farah Khan WILLIAMSVILLE, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      The ethnic clashes in this region are atrocious and leave this large this group stateless and vulnerable to killings and rape. Yet, two of the most powerful voices in the world-two NOBEL PEACE PRIZE Laureates have yet to make concrete, clear stances calling for an end to the Rohingya's terrible treatment. They must live up to their expectations and speak out for those that cannot speak for themselves; much like the rest of the world, at some point, did for them.

    • Amira Kelani MUNICH, GERMANY
      • about 2 years ago

      Because they are Humans and the Dalai Lama is the defender of Humanity, he must speak out against the Monks who are hurting the Rohingya.

    • ammar bukhari KARACHI, PAKISTAN
      • about 2 years ago

      السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

      The Secular Forces operating in Europe manoeuvred a civil war between Jews and Christians during the 20th century and, after conclusion of the Second World War, made the former leave Germany and Eastern Europe. While the well-to-do amongst the Jews were enabled to move to the UK and USA, the poorer ones from all over the world were made to settle in Israel instigate such perpetual clash between Jews and Muslims as disgraces BAITUL MUQADDAS, the place held sacred by not only the Jews and Christians but also the Muslims.

      The Jews and Muslims have, thus, been continuously engaged since 1949, in a deadly economic and social conflict which, unbeknown to them, has achieve nothing except the seculars’ dominance of the globe through a world government fed and promoted by internecine conflict amongst the Jews, Christians and Muslims.

      However, since the clash around ISRAEL has not been resolved in more than half a century, time has come for JEWS AND MUSLIMS to review the cause for which both have been bleeding each other. It is, therefore, imperative that the two side revert to the MITHAQ-AL-MADINA concluded in the 7th century.

      Neither is ISRAEL a JEWISH (but a MASONIC) state nor are rulers of ISRAEL the followers of MOSES and DAVID (PBUT) (but of NIMROD, GALIATH, KING SAUL, AND PHAROAH). Likewise, the flag of ISRAEL, set to represent DAVIDSTAR, depicts the Masonic symbols consisting of compass and square superimposes with a straight/ inverted pyramid.

      The secular forces manoeuvred, after disintegration, during the last decade of the 20th century, of the USSR, a civil war between the Christians and Muslims of Yugoslavia which disintegrated it into many tiny states. Likewise, the same strategy is being applied in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN in the 21st century to create civil WAR between SHIA,


      When there is a conflict involving the believers, like the riots between the Muslims and Christians of East Timor, declared in 1999 as the 27th province of Indonesia, the United Nations promoted and sponsored the right of self determination of the kind which led to the creation in May 2002 of the sovereign state of East Timor.

      Likewise, while the referendum in Sudan is likely to result in the division of Christians and Muslims, and Egypt or Lebanon appear to be the next target for such bifurcation, the conflict between the Masonic state of Israel and the people of Philistine, (which latter have been the victim for over six decades of UN inaction over there right of self determination), is a classic example of the double standards followed by the UN.

      When, however, the struggle for freedom involves the seculars and the believers, like the one in Kashmir being waged since 1947, the UN favours the Secular Hindus and the Kashmiri Muslims remain deprived of the right of self determination.

      Mercifully, such tricks are no more secret in today’s world of I.T. Culture when almost every nation is aware of the UN role. While all secular temples and other historical places are being preserved as world heritage sites, the historical places of the believers, like the palace of Soloman (PBUH), are either being ignored by the UN or removed from the world heritages sites.


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