Urge Netflix to Disclose Company Policies on LGBT Equality
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Urge Netflix to Disclose Company Policies on LGBT Equality

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      Human Rights Campaign

Netflix is the world's largest internet movie and TV subscription service and is well known for its employee-oriented culture, but there is no publicly available information about a non-discrimination policy for LGBT employees. 

People who work there can take as much vacation as they need, there is no dress code, and employees can take a portion of their salaries as stock options if they so choose. So it is likely that their policies and practices in regards to LGBT equality are cutting edge as well -- but there has been no response to repeated attempts to see their policies.

The Human Rights Campaign conducts an annual survey of businesses to assess non-discrimination policies and benefits programs for LGBT staff. These survey results are combined with other publicly available policies to produce a Corporate Equality Index (CEI) score that can help inform people’s purchases of goods and services. Netflix has not responded to the CEI survey for several years, so the company's CEI score is a 0.

Send a message to Netflix today asking them to complete the CEI survey and disclose their policies about workplace equality.


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    • Tyler Callaghan RIDGEWOOD, NY
      • over 2 years ago

      I will definitely cancel my membership if this is not done

    • Andrew Tucker SEATTLE, WA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because of your score of zero I already canceled my membership and have joined Amazon Prime instead.

    • David Greene COLLEGE STATION, TX
      • over 2 years ago

      If you have nothing to hide, why try to hide it?


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