Urge Hawaii's Governor to Sign Hawaii's 1st Anti Human-Trafficking Laws
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Urge Hawaii's Governor to Sign Hawaii's 1st Anti Human-Trafficking Laws

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      Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery, Incorporated

June 2011


Earlier this year, anti-trafficking advocates in Hawaii launched a sucessful campaign on Change.org, asking their state legislature to pass the state's first anti-trafficking laws. Now, they have done it again, successfully urging the governor to sign a historic anti-trafficking bill.

Kathy Xian, who has been leading the effort, said "We did it! Today (6/20/11) Hawaii's governor signed HB141 (labor-trafficking) and HB240 (promoting prostitution law reform). PASS could not have succeeded without the help and care of the petitioners from around the world. On July 1st 2011 both laws take effect.

Thank you all at change.org so very much!"

Congratulations to the over 500 people who supported this campaign and to the many Hawaiin anti-trafficking advocates who fought so hard for this law.

Aloha! -- and thank you all for exercising your right to have your voice heard this year at the Hawaii State Legislature on HB141 (Labor-Trafficking) and HB240 (Promoting Prostitution Law Reform/End Demand for Prostitution and Sex-Trafficking). But, Hawaii still needs your help!

Because of petitioners like YOU, these bills passed and are now currently sitting on Governor Abercrombie’s desk awaiting his signature.  We could not have accomplished this without you. Though this fight is not over.

Please take a minute to reflect on what you have been a part of: history. HB141, if signed by the Governor, will be Hawaii’s first anti Labor-Trafficking law, emerging to shine a spotlight on what we think of these crimes against humanity in the shadow of the largest labor-trafficking case in U.S. History (Global Horizons and Aloun Farms for more info on these cases, visit http://www.traffickjamming.org/press.html#2010).

HB240 will reform the current Promoting Prostitution laws, which are ineffective, to address: 1) sex-trafficking, 2) ending the demand for prostitution and sex-trafficking, and 3) affording victims afraid to testify the protection they need to do so. This bill got the stamp of approval by PASS, the Prosecutor, and the Attorney General in legislative conference. (Click here for summary info)

Now we need you to flex your justice-minded muscles once more to urge Governor Abercrombie to sign both bills HB141 and HB240 into law. He is currently reviewing them with the Attorney General. Ask the Governor to start the justice process in Hawaii sooner rather than later.  

Ask him to sign HB141 and HB240 today.

Signing Deadline: Governor Abercrombie has 45 working days to sign the bills from Sine Die [end date of the legislative session which was May 5th 2011] - Deadline for signing is mid July. If signed, the laws become effective July 1st 2011.

Contact information:

Governor Neil S. Abercrombie
Executive Chambers, Hawaii State Capitol
Honolulu, Hawai`i  96813

Phone: 808-586-0034
Fax: 808-586-0006

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    • Ianeta Etuale AUBURN, WA
      • over 3 years ago

      Greetings Governor Abercrombie. Thank you for taking the initiative to be educated and raising awareness for labor trafficking and human trafficking. We're calling for justice in the governmental offices and declare that America is founded on freedom and justice for all.

    • cathy vandersteena MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
      • over 3 years ago


    • Gina Snowden AIEA, HI
      • over 3 years ago

      Help bring those living in helplessness and fear in the dark out into the light.

      Bring those doing their dirt behind closed doors out into the open.

      Put into motion a just tool that will help "fix" many of the leaks in the system.

      Sign the human trafficking bills into law and put the full weight of the governor's office behind those laws.


    • Lorene Hopkins HONOLULU, HI
      • over 3 years ago

      This legislation is long overdue. Please pass them as soon as possible. Mahalo.

    • P Denise La Costa LAHAINA, HI
      • over 3 years ago

      Surely you will sign this bill in 2011. It was a travesty that it was not signed by Ms. Lingle before she left office. I implore you to vote in favor of this bill. Mahalo on behalf of the women who suffer from being sold into the sexual slavery.


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