Urge Florida to Stop Condemning Animal Victims of Cruelty
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Urge Florida to Stop Condemning Animal Victims of Cruelty

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      Best Friends Animal Society

June 2011


Florida state law automatically deemed any dog used or trained for dog fighting as "dangerous," which was basically a death sentence for any dog rescued in a fight bust - the victims of animal cruelty. In the years since the Michael Vick case, where the dogs rescued from his fighting ring have gone on to become family pets and therapy dogs, rescuers have proven that all dogs deserve a fair chance. Two Florida legislators stepped up to make that happen.

With the support of Best Friends Animal Society and thousands of Change.org community members, SB 722 was passed and signed into law on June 12, 2011. This law repeals the automatic designation of "dangerous" for all dogs seized in fight busts, giving the victims of cruelty a chance to be evaluated and adopted as individuals.

Current Florida state law deems any dog used for the purpose of dog fighting, or trained for dog fighting, as "dangerous." This is basically a death sentence for any dog rescued in a fight bust -- the victims of animal cruelty. As we've seen in the Michael Vick case, all dogs are individuals and former fight bust dogs can become family pets and therapy dogs.

Florida is one of thirteen states who further victimize the innocents. Colorado, Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wisconsin are the others that either arbitrarily order the puppies and dogs seized from fighting yards destroyed or classify as "dangerous."

Rep. Luis Garcia and Sen. Jim Norman want to give the victims of cruelty a chance. They've filed HB 4075 and SB 722 to repeal this stigma. 

Please be the voice of the animals and sign the petition.

Best Friends Animal Society is spearheading the drive to get this humane legislation passed. Florida residents should also take action on the Best Friends website.

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    1. Victory for the Victims!

      Gov. Rick Scott signed SB 722 into law June 21. This law repeals the designation of "dangerous" for all dogs seized in fighting busts. The bill was spearheaded by Best Friends Animal Society and sponsored by Rep. Garcia and Sen. Norman.

      Thanks to all members of the change.org community for taking action for animals. Politics is not a spectator sport.

    2. From Best Friends Animal Society: Florida Lawmakers Deliver for the Dogs

    3. This bill passed the House and the Senate this week and is on its way to Governor Scott's desk!

    4. The bill made it out of committees in both the House and the Senate and is ready for a full vote. Please keep voicing your support!

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    6. Bill gives "dangerous" dogs another chance (via Miami Herald):

    7. SB 722 cleared another hurdle and was unanimously voted out of the Senate Community Affairs Committee!

    8. Bills to Give Dogs a Fighting Chance on the Move in Florida

      Discrimination should never be tolerated, even against dogs. Discrimination that is codified — especially when it unfairly targets victims of cruelty — is unconscionable and must be challenged. That's why Senator Jim Norman (R-Tampa) and State...

    9. Both bills have cleared a committee. Keep the momentum going to get this legislation passed before the session ends.

    10. Reached 3 signatures
    11. Hearing Set for Bill to Give Florida Victims of Animal Cruelty a Chance

      All dogs, including those seized from fight busts, are individuals and should be given a chance at a good home. The American Bar Association recently recognized this with a resolution for judges and legislators, asking them to ensure the humane...

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    13. The Ag Committee may vote on this as early as next week. Please keep spreading the word!

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    15. American Bar Association Supports Justice for Victims of Animal Cruelty

      Yes, lawyers really do have a heart. On Valentine's Day, the American Bar Association House of Delegates met and passed Resolution 108B, aimed at protecting animal victims of cruelty. The resolution urges all legislative bodies and governmental...

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    17. Mississippi dropped their bill that would have condemned dogs rescued from fight busts: Now it's time for Florida to protect animal victims of cruelty!

    18. Reached 100 signatures
    19. Florida Bill Would Repeal Arbitrary "Dangerous" Dog Designation

      You can learn a lot about dogs from the Michael Vick case. Just ask Florida State Representative Luis Garcia or State Senator Jim Norman. They have filed HB 4075/SB 722 to repeal the arbitrary "dangerous" designation given to dogs seized in...


    Reasons for signing

    • Tammy Cannon UNION, SC
      • over 3 years ago

      We've rescued 2 pit bulls from traumatic & fighting conditions. These dogs have proven to be the best pets & have changed many people's thoughts about this breed. They are so misunderstood....

    • Nicole Stidham JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      God never meant for his creatures to be treated like this....please take the time to fill this out. You can help saves.

    • Gina Stabile MIAMI BEACH, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      I am originally from Miami Beach but have lived in New York the past few years. I'd like to move back to Miami but I own a pitbull. I've had a few dogs in my life and none as sweet, loving and loyal as my pitbull. Everyone here in Brooklyn has pitbulls and they are all so playful and kind. The fact that a state or county could outlaw these loving and giving dogs is a disgrace and I fully support this legislation to stop the victimization of pitbulls.

    • melanie leone WINNETKA, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      This is beyond ridiculous! A cruel act of racisim & all our country stands for by punishing this innocent breed! Punish the people that have done this not the animal!

    • Erika Ramirez LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      Pit bulls are some of the best pets. This is ridiculous!


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