Urge Egyptian Authorities to Provide Legal Rights to Faisal Haroun
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Urge Egyptian Authorities to Provide Legal Rights to Faisal Haroun

    1. Michael Jones
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      Michael Jones

      Boston, MA

When he lived in Sudan, Faisal Haroun advised his fellow Darfuris to unite and demand recognition of their rights. As the political situation worsened in Sudan, Faisal fled government harassment and traveled to Egypt. But in Egypt, he faced similar persecution.

Faisal was targeted by the Sudanese Embassy in Egypt for his political activism, and soon Egyptian authorities got in on the act. This past January, Faisal was arrested in Egypt, along with his older brother.

His older brother has been released. But Faisal has not been heard from since, essentially "disappeared" by the Egyptian government.

This is not only a violation of Faisal's civil and political rights, it shows that Egyptian authorities have no respect for the rule of law, and are all too willing to do the dirty work of repressive forces in Sudan -- targeting political activists within their own borders.

Send a message to the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights, the Egyptian Minister of the Interior, and the Egyptian Minister of Justice, urging them to treat Faisal with dignity and ensure his legal rights. Among other things, Faisal deserves the right to have access to legal counsel, he has the right to be freed from detention, and he has the right to live free of harassment from authorities.

Faisal's work in Darfur saved lives. The Egyptian government shouldn't be punishing Faisal for that work. Please take action now.

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