Urge Congressional leaders to appoint women to the special debt committee
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Urge Congressional leaders to appoint women to the special debt committee

    1. A.Tianna Scozzaro
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      A.Tianna Scozzaro

      Washington D.C., DC

Urge Congressional Leaders to appoint no fewer than six women to the bipartisan, bicameral Congressional committee charged with reviewing the United States’ budget and recommending a path forward, which is currently in formation.

To ensure the debt committee represents the true composition of America, which is at present 51 percent women, and to avert the risk-taking and gamesmanship that has characterized this process thus far, women legislators should hold at least half of the committee’s seats. The design of this committee calls for a fair, bipartisan negotiation, but recently, leaders in both the House and the Senate have indicated that their appointees will in no way cede ground to the opposing party. This overtly political approach deprives Congress of an opportunity to show citizens, and the world, that it can engage in constructive policymaking. Women legislators at the negotiating table will provide a voice for the countless Americans who will be affected by this process and reach out to colleagues across the aisle to make sure all sides are heard. 

Join Rachel's Network (www.rachelsnetwork.org) in ensuring women have a seat at the decision-making table during this crucial discussion. 

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    1. Dissappointed

      A.Tianna Scozzaro
      Petition Organizer

      Rachel’s Network is disappointed that Congressional leaders ignored calls of more than 500 citizens for gender parity on the debt committee. Women make up 1/2 the population, yet only 1/12 of the committee. Let's continue our calls for parity!

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