Urge Congress to Stop the Worldwide Maternal Death Epidemic
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Urge Congress to Stop the Worldwide Maternal Death Epidemic

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Maternal mortality is nothing short of a worldwide epidemic. Nearly every minute of every day, a woman dies from pregnancy-related causes or childbirth. And, for every woman who dies, 30 more are injured, infected or disabled during pregnancy and childbirth.

A woman's lifetime risk of maternal death is a staggering one in 22, compared with one in 4,800 in the United States.

The threat doesn't end after birth. Nearly 10 million children under the age of 5 die each year in developing countries, mainly from preventable causes. According to UNICEF, nine out of 10 women in sub-Saharan Africa will lose a child during their lifetime.

Imagine the heartache that would be prevented if we took action today to help end these senseless deaths. And we know how to prevent most of these deaths and complications from occurring.

Legislation called the Global MOMS Act would reduce mortality and improve the health of mothers and their newborns around the world. If passed, the bill would give more women around the world access to family planning services, health screening, health workers, and post partum care. 

In order to prevent this catastrophe, we need the political will and adequate resources to ensure lifesaving care is delivered. Take action now and ask your leaders in Congress to co-sponsor the Global MOMS Act.

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