Urge Congress to Increase Funding for Afterschool Programs
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Urge Congress to Increase Funding for Afterschool Programs

    1. Josh Kramer
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      Josh Kramer

      Boston, MA

Rising fuel costs have already strained school budgets to the breaking point, with some even switching to four-day weeks. Yet with the economy weakening and deficits ballooning, Congress may cut funding to critical afterschool programs at a time when federal support is most needed.
Study after study shows that afterschool programs work. Participating students are less likely to be involved in crime or use drugs or alcohol. They improve their grades, attend school more regularly, are more likely to stay in school, and do better in college.
Currently, the 21st Century Community Learning Centers is under review. This is the only federal money solely dedicated to helping low-income communities establish high quality afterschool programs. More than 1.6 million children depend on 21st CCLCs. But 14 million more children throughout the country must take care of themselves after the school day ends, including almost four million students in middle-school and over 40,000 kindergartners.
Please urge Congress to increase funding for the 21st CCLC Program. Our children deserve a chance for a better future.

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