Urge Cameroon to Decriminalize Homosexuality
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Prime Minister, Cameroon
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Urge Cameroon to Decriminalize Homosexuality

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The UN Human Rights Committee has issued a call to the government of Cameroon to do away with laws that criminalize homosexuality and same-sex acts between two people. In recent years, the government of Cameroon has seriously cracked down on LGBT people, with police making arrests, and government officials using violence to target LGBT populations.

As Human Rights Watch reports, "Cameroonian and international organizations have documented abuses and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Cameroon. Suspected homosexual men have been arrested and beaten on their bodies, heads, and even the soles of their feet while in custody. Women suffer violence in their families if they are suspected of being lesbians. In some cases, they have been forced to leave their homes or their children have been taken away from them."

This type of institutionalized homophobia and transphobia is unacceptable. Send the Prime Minister of Cameroon, Philemon Yang, a message that his government should follow through with the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee, and decriminalize homosexuality and same-sex acts in Cameroon.

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