Urge Atlanta To Investigate Cover Up Of Murdered College Grad Robert T Shirley Jr.
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Urge Atlanta To Investigate Cover Up Of Murdered College Grad Robert T Shirley Jr.

    1. Seean Robert Wright
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      Seean Robert Wright

      Brooklyn, NY

On July 27 of 2008 My big brother woke up happy about his upcoming promotional job interview and had plans to marry his then, fiance until he found out some very disturbing news. Note: THIS IS NOT HIS YOUNGEST BROTHER BUT HIS BROTHER AROUND ROBs AGE. Word is,When he questioned her about her activities, she became very defensive and an argument ensued, Robert then called off the wedding, and she left the home. Next, he got a phone call from someone saying, get out. Robert then, left to Atlanta and checked himself into an area hotel NOT knowing that he was followed. We were told that he was phoned and lured into the parking deck and was approached (from a witness confession) by several men and a scuffle ensued in which Robert sustained injuries in the fight for his life, including being hit by an automobile and left for dead at the exit of the deck in an attempt to make it look as if he committed suicide and jumped from the deck. Robert was a very loving, caring, upstanding citizen who is a loving father of a beautiful daughter, Son, and Loving brother who worked hard all of his life to accomplish great things. He graduated with a masters in Computer Information Systems and in business and he was a Division 1 all american athlete who we are very proud of. Please!!! Please!!!! Help us to stop the cover up of his death!!!! WHen he checked in to the hotel he had ID but at the hospital there was no trace of his ID, Cellphone or anything. No News report or anything at all !!!!! We had to find out about his death via police visit IN NEWYORK!!!! WHO GOT A CALL FROM THE GRADY HOSPITAL CORONER  Just think HIS MOM HAD TO FIND OUT BY FINGERPRINTS BECAUSE HIS ID WAS NOT PRESENT WITH HIS BODY. (Google Robert T Shirley Jr to view guestbook) We have questions but,His Fiancee changed all of her contact information since his death so our family has no access to her to ask for her assistance which, is not helpful at all in solving the death of a great man but Why????? Has she been threatened by his assailants? we need to know.


Security at the parking deck claim to have not yet found other footage leading to the incident and or area that the crime took place.


One friend said:

I was walking downtown atlanta and got a message from a stranger stating if you know whats best, leave it alone, you cant bring Rob back.

Which now has me even more furious to seek justice!!!!!!!!!!!

We were even told that two hotel guest witnessed the incident from across the street but were scared to speak Until Now! One person was said to have been filming Atlanta scenery at the time but has yet to come forward.

There is no mention in the news, or newspaper til this day!!! Eventhough Grady Hospital knows who died! in their log.

He checked into the hotel at 2:07AM and parked at 2:34AM

He was found at 4:50AM and died in surgery at 5:56AM

Robert T Shirley Jr. Was Murdered and now over 500 people know about this!!!!!

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    1. Very Fishy

      Seean Robert Wright
      Petition Organizer

      His former fiancee was engaged to a new guy shortly after the funeral of Robert T Shirley Jr.

    2. Thank You for your support! PLEASE continue to spread the word.

      Seean Robert Wright
      Petition Organizer

      Please continue to spread the word so that justice is served. WE NEED EACH OTHER!!! WE CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!


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      • about 1 year ago


    • Deonca Williams JERSEY CITY, NJ
      • about 2 years ago

      we are tired of the lack of interest in missing and murdered people of color. they are just jealous because he was a productive member of society. blacks get excessive media coverage when we are the suspects not the victims. see http://lawlessamerica.com

    • Henry Vinson WASHINGTON, DC
      • about 2 years ago

      The death of a young man should be investigated. This is an injustice.

      • over 3 years ago

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