Clean up their mess on 1443 Chapin St NW
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Urban Investment Partners
Steve Schwat
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Clean up their mess on 1443 Chapin St NW

    1. Tim Lim
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      Tim Lim

      washington, DC

Urban Investment Partners owns the lot at 1443 Chapin St NW, but has not done anything with it in three years. This has resulted in a dangerous and disgusting area that is not secured at all. UIP can't treat neighborhoods like landfills to dump their trash. Please tell UIP to clean up their mess and be a real partner to the community.

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    1. Decision-maker Steve Schwat responds:

      Steve Schwat

      As of Friday 5/18 the lot at 1443 Chain Street was cleaned. Please let me know that the result is better than the previous condition. Please let me know if there is more to do. We do hope to complete the project some time before the en...

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