resignation of the current animal control director
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Upson County Animal Shelter

resignation of the current animal control director

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      PAWS for Hope and Faith



Upson County Board of Commissioners
106 E. Lee Street, Suite 110
Thomaston, GA 30286
Phone (706) 647-7012
Contact: Pam Fuentes

Maurice Raines-Chairman,
Sandra Trice-District 1
Steve Hudson-District 2,
Rusty Blackston-District 3,
Frank Spraggins-District 4
Kyle Hood-County Manager,
Ed Trice-County Attorney
Ronnie Vanhouten-Accountant
Pam Fuentes-County Clerk

Sponsored by: Paws for Hope and Faith

It has been brought to our attention by the citizens of Upson County that many healthy,
adoptable animals in the Upson County Animal Shelter are being needlessly euthanized.
Animals at Upson County Animal Shelter are being euthanized in record numbers by
Executive Director, Mr. Smart Earnest Web. WE are calling for answers and accountability.
Mr.Web has expressed little to no interest in having volunteers at the shelter, which is crucial for the animals.Mr. Web has also stated that he doesn't want to have other Georgia rescues to pull or foster from there.This again, is crucial.It would help make more space available.It also will get more pets homes and they will have a better chance at life.

This petition was created by Paws for Hope and Faith and Upson County citizens to share
with the public what the lack of appropriate management can escalate to. Paws for Hope and Faith and the citizens of Upson County want to make Upson County Animal Shelter
a place to be deemed a compassionate shelter for all animals brought to the facility.

WE hereby ask on behalf of Upson County citizens
that Mr. Smart Earnest Web step down immediately and an interim Acting Director;
willing to cooperatively work with the animals, citizens, and qualified rescue
organizations, be appointed.


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    • Genesis Angulo LOS ANGELES, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      This is horrific and this needs to end.

    • Kathy Thompson MANASSA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Although I live in Colorado, I smell a rat at Upson County Shelter. Upson County needs to get rid of said rat!

    • C Shumate PRAIRIE GROVE, AR
      • over 2 years ago

      Mr. Smart Earnest Webb obviously has no compassion for animals and he is in the wrong postition. Animals who are unfortunate enough to be in his shelter are not given a chance to live. Get rid of this uncaring individual immediately.

    • Elizabeth Ferrari SODDY DAISY, TN
      • over 2 years ago

      Great once again man shows just how evil he truly is. There is no safe place on this earth where God's creatures can live out their lives the way he expected them to do. Because man makes sure he takes what was given to them! Their freedom!

    • elaine connor PEACHTREE CITY, GA
      • over 2 years ago

      My partner is from Upson and we are against killing any animals, that isn't necessary. What can I do to help?


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