Appeal to bring the murderers of Bashir Qureshi to justice
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Appeal to bring the murderers of Bashir Qureshi to justice

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      Zafar Kumar

      Moro, Pakistan

We don't have any doubts that the chairman of Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz, Mr. Bashir Ahmed Qureshi had been murdered by Pakistani spy agencies who was fighting for freedom of Sindh from Pakistan.

As Pakistani agencies are involved in target killings of Baloch political leaders and workers to suppress freedom movement of Balochistan, same agencies are involved in human rights violations, kidnappings and extra-judicial killings of Sindhi political politicians and workers.

First time, Bashir Qureshi was attacked on 4rth June 1998 in Karachi. He received multiple injuries but survived while other leader of his party Mr. Qayum Mangi was killed. Again he survived another attack on 24th July 2012 but his partyman, Mr. Mushtaq Khaskheli was murdered who was traveling with Bashir Qureshi in the same car. One attacker, Mustafa Zahid was killed while another attacker was arrested with Kalashnikov. It was proved during search that both attackers had identity/service cards of Pakistani agency ISI along with entry passes for Malir Cantoment, Karachi. Case of that attack was registered in Malir Court and not concluded yet.

Bashir Qureshi left his home town Rato Dero, Larkano on 6th April 2012 to attend a meeting of policy making organ of his own party on 7th April at San, Sindh enroute Khanwahan and Halani. He stayed overnight in a small village of Sakrand with local leaders of his party. After having dinner every one retired to bed but after some time, Bashir Qureshi fell seriously ill and was taken to Sakrand hospital but died before reaching hospital.

Bashir Qureshi was regularly threatened by Pakistan agencies of dire consequences should he continued struggle to liberate Sindh from Pakistan but Bashir Qureshi continued his movement and gathered lacks of people in Karachi on 23 March 2012 in a freedom march and proved to whole world that Sindhis want freedom from Pakistan. All above facts are indicative and affirm our belief that Bashir Qureshi had been murdered by state agencies of Pakistan by using some sophisticated/scientific methods. We appeal to International Community and Human Rights Organizations to help Sindhi Nation in bringing the murderers of Bashir Qureshi to justice.

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    • mujtaba jamali NAWABSHAH, PAKISTAN
      • 12 months ago


    • faraz ali KARACHI, PAKISTAN
      • almost 2 years ago

      i am a shoaib

    • abdul majeed DADU, PAKISTAN
      • almost 2 years ago

      very important for sindhi nations

    • wasim bari magsi KARACHI, PAKISTAN
      • almost 2 years ago

      we want sindhodesh

    • muhammad khan jessar DADU, PAKISTAN
      • almost 2 years ago

      because bashir khan is our national leader he was innocent


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