Remove the extremely anti-equality Chick-Fil-A restaurant from our campus!
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Remove the extremely anti-equality Chick-Fil-A restaurant from our campus!

    1. Andy Bearden
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      Andy Bearden

      Albertville, AL

September 2012


From Petition Creator Andy Bearden on September 19, 2012: "Great news everyone! Today, Chick-Fil-A announced that they will no longer be making donations to any group that promotes an anti-gay agenda! They also have issued a company-wide memo that all customers and employees are to be treated equal no matter what! This is a HUGE victory for the LGBT community and the Equal Rights movement! Therefore, I am ending this petition to have the restaurant removed from my campus. However, if CFA doesn't live up to their promises I WILL be back! Thanks so much for your support! Hold CFA accountable and they will never cross us again!"

The University of Southern Miss prides itself on being a culturally diverse and inclusive community supportive of all individuals. The university has even taken the opportunity to make this known through the non-discrimination policy found on the university's website:

The University of Southern Mississippi offers to all persons equal access to educational, programmatic and employment opportunities without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, national origin, Vietnam era veteran status or disability status.

These provisions are pursuant to applicable federal and state regulations.

However, there is a presence on our campus that seeks to discriminate against one group of individuals. The Chick-Fil-A restaurant in the HUB is part of a company that has a history of discrimination against LGBT individuals, which Southern Miss has made it clear they will not tolerate! Chick-Fil-A has, over the past few years alone, donated millions of dollars to anti-gay organizations such as the Marriage & Family Foundation, Exodus International, and the Family Research Council. Also, the president of Chick-Fil-A, Dan Cathy, recently did an interview where he took an official stance against equality for LGBT individuals and he stated he runs his company in concurrence with those beliefs! So why is such an organization allowed to operate on a campus where policies clearly ban discrimination based upon sexual orientation? Help send a message to university officials to show that we, the students, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, and fans will no longer stand by and watch our reputation as a culturally inclusive and nondiscriminatory university be tarnished by Chick-Fil-A and its discriminatory policies! It's time to remove the restaurant and replace it with a restaurant whose parent company's policies reflect those of our university!

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    • Craig Baker POMPANO, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      A company that uses patron’s money to support hate groups of any kind, is not only devious, but should not be located in a place of learning. These hate groups promote bullying and worse, homosexuality is a natural part of human evolution, to promote hate against one class of humanity causes pain to all of humanity.Why is this important to you?

    • rebecca sanchez SAN ANTONIO, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      i think any school that doesn't want chick fil a there in order to further support the diversity of their school should be allowed that.

    • Jeremy Cumpton HATTIESBURG, MS
      • about 2 years ago

      The campus will be supporting an organization whose president is against a percentage of its students.

    • Joshua Stambaugh RIDGELAND, MS
      • about 2 years ago

      Even though their chicken is delicious knowing that the profits stop people from being happy just makes it a bad place overall.

    • Mary Dunn BLUFF CITY, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      You set the example for your students by ensuring that policies on your campus are clear that you are a non-discriminating and all inclusive campus. This compay discriminates and is very vocal about it. It's your job to ensure our student at the higher levels understand about civil rights and diverse cultures as we live in the 21st century global economy.


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