Support LGBTQ Students for a Larger Space on Campus
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Support LGBTQ Students for a Larger Space on Campus

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      Liz Soriano

      Los Angeles, CA

The LGBT Resource Center needs a much larger space and has needed one for a long time especially with the national recognitions it has received and the increased student demand for our programs and services. 

Currently, the center consists of a small room with two computers, which are used by student workers. Connected to that room, there is the director’s office. It is located on the second floor of Student Union in 202B and there’s no meeting space that students can use. The center needs a bigger space to legitimize the department as a leader in LGBT services in the nation and provide a confidential and safe space for students who are questioning or still coming in terms with their sexuality.

The LGBT Resource Center also needs a bigger space with workstations where students can come in and use to print or work on projects.  There’s also a need for a meeting space where meetings can be held in for different programs and organizations. One of the programs that can account for this is the LGBT Peer Mentoring Program. With the number of participants rising in the LGBT Peer Mentoring Program, the coordinator needs a space to meet with mentors and mentees confidentially.

Many students at USC find the space to be a place where they can spend time in between classes and feel free to express themselves. LGBTQ students consider the center to be a place where they can express their thoughts and even concerns to the director and/or student workers in the center. Unfortunately, the room isn’t spacious enough for even prospective students to come in and check out what the center has to offer. If there are 3 or more people, it gets crowded and as of now, it is not comparable to the other cultural spaces on campus.

Sign this petition and help us advocate to administration for a bigger space where LGBTQ students can feel safe and comfortable.

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