University of Queensland: Restore democracy in UQ Union elections.
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University of Queensland: Restore democracy in UQ Union elections.

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      Democracy 4 UQU

The 'FRESH' UQ Union have abused fair process and subverted elections meant to allow students a voice.  The body that is supposed to represent students has breached this trust, and trashed the reputation of UQ and its students.  Would a local, state or federal government be allowed to steal an election?

That's just what has been happening at the University of Queensland over recent months. And the group of Young Liberals behind it say they have done nothing wrong.

The University of Queensland Union represents over 30,000 students. It has an operating budget of over $15 million and is supposed to be the voice for students.

That voice has now been taken away.

The UQ Union is run by "Fresh" - a group of Young Liberal members and supporters who've been in charge for the past six years and have never been too serious about student representation.

In August this year, Fresh made secret changes to the election rules through the Union's council. Opposition groups on the council were not given notice of the changes, nor were they given a copy of the new rules. It turns out those rules would have a big impact on how elections for the union would be held.

Fresh used the new rules to call a snap election – opposition groups were given little-to-no notice or time to prepare and were kept in the dark about what the new rules governing the snap election were.

Three opposition groups from the previous year were effectively banned from running, leaving only Fresh, and because of Fresh’s corrupt rules changes, family and friends of Fresh were able to register to fraudulently run in the elections under the banner of “Pulse,” the most successful opposition ticket from the previous year.

Opposition groups have been silenced and the result is a sham - an election for show in which “Fresh” is running against a group of their friends and family, pretending to be the real opposition.

This is not democracy – and this is why opposition groups have chosen not to participate in the process.

It is time for the University to step in and take action!

The University has obligations under legislation to ensure fair, transparent and democratic elections. To date, they have responded with band-aid solutions - asking the Union to publish financial records and union rules.

None of this does anything to stop corrupt rules being made and democracy being trashed.

By not stepping in, the university is shirking its obligations to ensure democracy in student elections.

It's now getting out of hand. It is time for UQ leadership to stand up and show some leadership.

UQ Union has a long and proud history spanning over a century. The University needs to get a clear message:

"Restore democracy now!"


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    • Aidan Cockroft BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      The Union has a huge part to play in how thousands of students experience their time at UQ. They are meant to "represent" the students. This can not occur without fair and transparent elections.

    • Eleanor Chandler-Temple BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago


    • Daniel Hede AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      These self serving d*ckheads are the future of australian politics. if FRESH are allowed to blatantly rig the elections, then its a sad indictment on UQ's morals.

    • Ben Dover USA, AK
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because I know they will give in this time!

      Signing this petition will force a re-election and we can get Democracy at UQ and stuff.

      We may have failed to get our nominations in on time, we may have failed to win the original election, we may have failed to dispute at the electoral tribunal, we may have spent weeks collecting signatures for nothing, we may have lost all credibility in the process, but I think this petition will do the trick!

      P.s. If you legitimately think that you have a case relating to no democratic process, how about you observe certain dictatorships, and reflect that you may not have it that bad.

    • Ijaz Faiz AUSTRALIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      The unfair elections have stripped the student council of its legitimacy


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